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With a value of around $300 billion, the gaming industry is on a roll. This is primarily owing to the emergence of mobile games and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the sheer magnitude of the industry, its effects are shaping entertainment and culture. 

Here are some astonishing statistics about gaming:

  • Approximately three billion individuals play video games worldwide. (Marketer)
  • 83% of video game sales are conducted digitally. (Global X ETFs)
  • In 2021, consumers in the United States spent $60.4 billion on video games. (PR Newswire and Newzoo)
  • About 85 percent of all gaming revenue is generated by free-to-play games. (Wepc and tweak city)
  • Approximately 14,1 billion mobile game downloads occurred in the first quarter of 2021. (Statista)
  • The PC gaming market will gather $46.7 billion by 2025. (Statista)
  • 38% of gamers globally are between the ages of 18 and 34. (Statista)

The current state of the Gaming Industry.

Video games have existed for decades, providing children and adults with enjoyment. They have evolved substantially from the early days of computer games and the initial versions of Nintendo and Atari. The days of pixelated images and limited audio are long gone, as video games have become more lifelike than ever before. As technology continues to advance, so do video games.

The expense of generating a game for one of the major consoles has increased in tandem with the increasing complexity of video game development. It was once inconceivable to invest millions in game production, but nowadays, games can cost tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to create. This has pushed game development production and marketing costs into the realm of Hollywood films.

The video game industry is enormous. In fact, it is larger than both the film and music industries combined, and it continues to expand. Despite receiving less attention than the film and music industries, there are over two billion gamers worldwide. That is 26 percent of the global population.

It should come as no surprise that businesses want a piece of the pie. In 2020, the gaming business generated revenue of $155 billion. Analysts anticipate that the business will earn more than 260 billion dollars in revenue by 2025.

As a result, technology companies seek to participate in this revenue stream. Google (GOOGL), Meta (META), previously Facebook, and Apple (AAPL) have all announced their intention to enter the video gaming sector.

There are many options available online when it comes to finding free games to download. However, if you’re looking for a new platform that offers a unique experience, you should check out Isotopic.

Isotopic is the best place to upload and download free games.

Isotopic is a blockchain-based software distribution service specifically designed for publishing and distributing games that incorporate NFTs and other blockchain technologies. This platform is perfect for players who want to discover new games that use blockchain technology and NFTs. And now, with the launch of the Isotopic Client, users can easily browse, download, and play games directly from their desktop, manage their downloads, and keep them updated with the latest features and security.

One key aspect of Isotopic that makes it accessible to traditional gamers and developers is its use of special software development kits (SDKs) for developers. These SDKs are designed to integrate seamlessly into already existing engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, making it easy for developers to use Isotopic with the tools they are already familiar with. Additionally, for its users, Isotopic offers special technologies such as custodial wallets and the ability to make payments with credit cards, which make it easy and convenient to use the platform.

In addition to a straightforward publishing process and a low fee of 8% on game sales, Isotopic also provides a community of gamers and developers interested in blockchain and NFTs, marketing and promotional opportunities, and support from experienced game developers. With all of these features, Isotopic is a perfect destination for those who are looking for free games that incorporate blockchain technology.

So if you’re looking for a new place to find free games, download, and explore the world of blockchain, be sure to check out the Isotopic Store. Happy gaming!


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