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The standard tools available on Windows 10 and other operating systems are getting better and better, but there is still a need for quality PC cleaner tools at times. Maybe a person is trying to revitalize an older computer, or they can’t seem to get a newer one to act correctly.

Instead of going to a shop and spending potentially hundreds of dollars at a time, there are many quality PC cleaner tools out there that provide help right away. It is pretty easy to understand from the very beginning, as most of them are available in some free version at first.

What companies offer the best of the best? Out of all of the top options right now, these five are working the best in 2021. They have mostly been around for a while, but their focus on making improvements throughout time to address any issues that might pop-up make them worthwhile. This is the official countdown to begin the new year.

#1 Iolo System Mechanic

Whether it is System Mechanic, or one of the other various products iolo offers to enhance computer performance, it has evolved into one of the industry’s most trusted names. Their most popular utility is System Mechanic, and it comes in a few different versions for people to try out.

The free version gives people a pretty good idea of what to expect, and paid versions range from around $40-$60, with very good discounts offered regularly for both first-time and existing customers. One purchase allows for unlimited uses in the same household. That means that any computer in need of assistance can download the utility and utilize it with a single price.

Overall effectiveness is the reason why iolo System Mechanic takes the top spot on this list. From the very beginning, when running a simple scan, plenty of fixes will be underway. There is an option to do a quick scan or a deep scan, giving people a pretty good idea of what to expect going forward. The scans are quick and efficient, fixing lingering problems in a matter of minutes in some instances.

When investing in one of the paid versions, there is so much more that comes with the utility in general. A person will notice a jump in CPU speed right away and the speed of downloads. Even the start-up time will speed up significantly, as so many people suffer from computers trying to load way too many unnecessary programs in the beginning.

The paid versions come with built-in features that are the best in the industry from a privacy perspective. While Windows 10 has made quite a few improvements with built-in tools, iolo System Mechanic takes things to another level by optimizing those changes as much as possible. Users feel safer using iolo System Mechanic, and if something does happen, it can kick in and take care of anything.

From a pure value perspective, Iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense will provide the most amount of utilities that can help speed up a computer. Many can notice that they will have a computer that acts so much different than before. Whether it is focusing on privacy issues, managing programs loading for no reason, or anything in between, a person has a handy walk-through explanation to fix anything that might be getting in the way. It is incredibly user-friendly for those who know next to nothing about computers, so even though it is very in-depth, it does not make a person feel responsible for figuring out how everything works.

Understanding what free means

When going into the shopping process, some people are thrown off by seeing the word free next to so many versions. There are plenty of free PC cleaner tools available, but they will have some limits. Companies will charge money for more premium features, and there are no real exceptions to that rule.

The good news for the consumer is that getting the opportunity to try the free version first will make everything a bit more comfortable. If it seems like a tool that is easy to use and effective to a certain degree as free, it will bring so much more to the table by spending a little bit of money.

Maybe the biggest hidden cost comes down to licensing. Some tools will only be available on a per license basis. That means if a person has a laptop and a desktop, they will not be able to put the software on both without being charged twice. This is pretty tedious for a lot of people, and can turn people off to certain companies. That is one reason why iolo System Mechanic has continually been rated as one of the best in the business. They have always offered unlimited licenses within the same household, saving people a lot of money if dealing with a family of computers.

Other buying factors worth considering

Still can’t decide? There are a few other buying factors that might not make that much of a difference to some, but others will finally decide based on what they learn. It is always worth taking an extra look at a few of the final choices to see which one makes the most sense.

Technical support

All of these PC cleaning tools are designed to be very easy to use without technical support, but that is not always the case. Maybe something very simple goes wrong, and a person does not know how to solve it.

There are two basic types of technical support that many of these companies offer. The first is a resource online that answers some of those common questions. For a lot of people, they run into the same few issues, and getting some level of assistance in that regard makes a lot of sense.

The other option is to have technical support over the phone, in chat, or through an email. A lot of issues are not particularly urgent, but it is always nice to have a quick response when there is any technical issue.

The company that does the best job with this is iolo System Mechanic. They are always making sure that customers who invest in their company have the best resources to maximize their purchase. Some do not initially realize all the different ways the utility can help. By explaining all the features, people ultimately know they actually have more at their fingertips than they realized.


Windows 10 is the standard right now, but there are updates to the operating system all the time. The only way for a PC cleaning tool to be useful is if there are constant updates as well. That is why going with a trusted company with a long track record will be much better than some startup. Some startups have had success in this field, but they can be a bit hit or miss. No one knows exactly if they will bring everything to the table or not, so it is better to trust an established option.

Updates are usually automatic, and they should not take long at all. Robust utilities will provide a solution to any new issues that could be causing a slowdown sooner than later. Nothing major tends to pop up out of the blue, but customers always enjoy getting free updates that enhance their purchase.

#2 Restoro

Restoro has done a pretty good job over the years as a quality option for Windows users. They have the free trial version that is fairly limited, but what gets them the number two spot is their paid versions. One license costs $30, while three licenses cost $40. This puts their pricing pretty much in line with most the other options on this list, and its overall effectiveness gives it a boost.

Overall, Restoro is a pretty complete solution that can repair computers quickly. It does an excellent job of detecting websites that might harm the computer and remove any lingering threats. Some computer threats are idle at times, but they could always step in and cause quite a bit of harm later on.

Anyone looking to repair the Windows registry will have difficulty finding a better option overall the Restoro. Like System Mechanic below, Restoro does a great job of optimizing everything on the computer to run smoothly for as long as possible. It is just as much about making fixes now as it is setting things up for the future.

Those who like to do things a bit more manually and know how to handle a computer will find a nice option in Restoro. There is the opportunity to do manual repairs, but it is recommended only for those who know what they are doing. Some people get themselves in all kinds of trouble if they try to make some fixes without having that much knowledge of the overall situation.

Restoro is very close to number one on this list, but it is all just a little bit short in overall ability. System Mechanic includes a few more handy tools in their suite, and the ability to treat very specific problems pushes them over the edge.

#3 Norton Utilities Premium

Even casual computer users will recognize Norton for all the various products that they bring to the table. From a utility standpoint for PC cleanup, Norton Utilities Premium is one of the top options out there. Not only will people trust the name, but the price is one of the most affordable for premium options as well.

For about $20 a year, a person can speed their computer up quite a bit. It is excellent at repairing some of the most common issues that pop up with computers, and just one purchase will offer support for Windows 10 back to Windows 7.

While it does a great job with the simple issues, what keeps it lower on the list is that it does not have those same intricate features that the top two options have. It does a very good job of doing the basics, but it would be nice to see a little more overall effectiveness. There are definitely some benefits to having a very easy to use optimization tool from a very respected company. Still, it might not provide all the solutions a person is looking for in the end.

#4 Advanced SystemCare

The free version of Advanced SystemCare is one of the best options out there to try out. They have a lot of tools that are entirely free to play around with and see how they can help, and they are even able to fix some basic issues. The premium versions are pretty affordable for people who need a little bit more, especially if they are running one of the many sales they do throughout the year. While it is one of the most affordable options out there, it still lands fourth on this list because it comes up a bit short in a couple of categories.

Advanced SystemCare does not get rid of as many junk files and potential virus issues as some of the others out there for starters. It is sometimes tough to compare different options, but it is not exactly the deepest clean that a person can find. It would be nice to have something a little deeper, but that could come at a higher cost.

Another frustrating thing about Advanced SystemCare is that they do not seem to offer as many privacy solutions as other companies. There are still some ways to make sure that the computer is as safe as possible, but the overall options are lacking. If a person has never gone through any security issues whatsoever, they might not notice that much of a difference, but others will feel like they want to invest in the right option.

If it seems like Advanced SystemCare comes with a bunch of negatives, there is a reason why it is number four and still worthy of making this list. It has a quality uninstaller that does more than hide software and plug-ins that are not needed. By being able to uninstall everything completely, those problems are gone forever.

#5 CCleaner

Even though CCleaner comes in at number five on the list, it is not a bad option by any means. There are a lot of people who end up using the cleaner for effective cleaning, and they are one of the best sellers for a reason. Unlike any other option on this list, there is a version for PCs as well as Macs. There tends to be less demand for cleaning tools for Mac users, but having that option is a perk.

Their best utilities help when taking care of cookies, history, and overall privacy. It is pretty easy to delete anything that could cause trouble down the road, and people feel safe when they have CCleaner running. There is a way to set up automatic scheduled cleanings, which come in handy for those busy individuals who do not want to run everything during peak times.

Another major feature that CCleaner offers is its real-time monitoring at all times. If something does pop up in the middle of the day, CCleaner will be able to identify whether or not it needs attention. It is nice to have something running in real-time, providing quality updates and allowing people to go about their day without feeling like anything is slowing down.

CCleaner has a few different issues as far as licensing is concerned, and that makes it a little more expensive at the end of the day for people dealing with a lot of different computers at once. Some people do not really find this to be too much of an issue, but others will find it pretty frustrating overall.

Do not be afraid to give CCleaner a try for free and see what it provides. There are better well-rounded options that help in a multitude of ways, but CCleaner has been near the top of these lists for a while.

Final thoughts on PC Cleaner tools in 2021

Some people think they can go without cleaner tools in 2021, but they are still very important. Windows 10 has many built-in utilities that help to a certain degree, but the five listed above are all great options to provide even deeper cleansing overall.

Many options have tried to come after iolo System Mechanic, but it still stands as the best of the best right now. No one offers as many tools under one suite as this company. There are many reasons to make the investment and trust in what it provides.

The overall investment is a small price to pay for issues that could hurt productivity, or even force a person to feel like they have to buy a brand new computer. Extending the life of a computer can save a person hundreds of dollars, which is perfect for many out there using computers for work, school, or pleasure. Not all PC Cleaner Tools work as advertised, but sticking to the best of the best will show they are worthwhile.

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