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Best Paraphrasing Tool Online & Summarizer in 2024

Almost all new writing stems from previous papers and essays. Writers rely on materials done by other writers to formulate new theses and prove their points. We can go to the length and say that “original” work has already lost its true meaning, however, the “value proposition” for new texts is still dependent on in-depth research, exceptional writing, and masterful editing. offers excellent paraphrasing tools and summarizers to users so that they can save time and energy while still ending up with a solid piece of text. – At A Glance! does not need any introduction to the community of writers. Since its inception, it has been a go-to source for professionals and young scholars to write “new” essays and papers on the go. Using algorithms based on AI and ML, the tool can conjure up complete pieces of text. The best thing about the tool is that it is free. You will never have to pay anything to take advantage of the sophisticated technology.

The extension of a solid technology basis has led the brand to come up with two dedicated tools – a paraphrasing tool and a summarizer online. Let’s explore the benefits of using these tools offered by!

What Sets Apart

Every time you want to use automation to complete tasks, you will need a solid technical structure, a support team for monitoring and maintenance, and a wide scope to cover different types of academic pieces. has over 150 professionals working around the clock to make its operations smoother and better. 

Since it is based on the latest AI and ML algorithms, users can cover different types of tasks without breaking a sweat. Again, all of the services are free, except the custom essay writing work where human writers will write all the text for you. These services come with a money-back guarantee so you do not have to compromise on the quality.

Excellent Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the art of rewriting a text in a way that the message remains intact whereas the words carrying that message are changed. Writers often find pieces that are related to the topic that they are writing. Instead of doing intensive research and covering all the bases, they can pick that text and rewrite it or paraphrase it quickly. With the paraphrasing tool provided by, you can paste the relevant text in the box and let the tool work its magic. It takes seconds for the AI paraphrase to go through the text and rewrite it masterfully.

Apart from saving time and hassle, you are sure to get plagiarism-free text that is true to its roots. You can use it to submit assignments at schools and colleges to get excellent grades. For professional content writers, this is a quick and easy way to write “new” blog posts and articles on the go. 

Text Summarization At Its Finest

Text summarization is another common task that students have to do almost daily. This comes with the premise of finding large papers and theses on the topics related to their studies. Since it is hard to understand the gist of the matter with the extended text, they need something to summarize the text in a way that they can understand, without sacrificing the focal points and the core message.

Enter the essay rewriter by! It has a clean and minimalist interface with nothing complex to hamper the progress of the work. You can either paste the desired text that you want to summarize or upload the document using the dedicated button. Then, you need to click on the “Summarize it!” button, wait for a few seconds, and the summarized text will appear on the screen.

Closing Remarks

There is no denying that paraphrasing and summarizing when done manually, can take a lot of time and effort. offers a simple way to do these tasks using Artificial Intelligence. If you want to do these things, head on to the relevant sites and get started right away!

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