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The Best Offshore Markets for Investors

 Since the last global economic crisis, there has been a consistent global economy. Moreover, the maintenance of lower rates for longer has resulted in the strengthening of governments’, companies’ and individuals’ earnings. Though a majority of the equity markets are trading around all-time highs, current valuations strongly show that most of these markets are still trading at a discount. Though the valuations are favorable, some emerging markets still present an appeal for most investors.

With these current conditions, investors have to make a choice from offshore markets. The question is then asked, which are the hottest countries to invest in right now? Allocating some investment overseas will spread your risk across various geographic regions and economies. This spread increases your chances of earning returns regardless of the conditions that may transpire. Nonetheless, you should consider your diversified portfolio in aggregate and not on a geographic basis.

Additionally, the assets you select in your portfolio are determined by your particular requirements and risk appetites. Just like other investments, you must have an objective and a time-frame in mind when you decide to venture into the offshore markets. Unless you are investing in cash, it is advisable to have a longer time-frame to shield yourself from the effects of dual volatility arising from the currency and the market. You must also know the risks involved in the investment and avoid all unregulated schemes.

Here are the hottest countries to invest that guarantee high return on investment currently.


The country has been a central player in the international banking industry hosting over 80 international banks. Recently, the country has achieved economic growth making it a financial leader with good balance in stringent privacy guidelines and adequate controls averting money laundering cases. These high-security levels and economic growth make the country a highly competitive offshore destination. Moreover, the tax laws stipulate exemptions for foreign income hence you will not be double-taxed.

You can also invest in the expanding tourism and real estate sectors to diversify your investments. Moreover, the economy of the country is highly integrated with the US dollar eliminating a majority of foreign exchange risks.

The country has a high level of secrecy in its banking sector with stringent policies that will protect your identity as a beneficial owner of any company or corporation. Therefore, it is among the best places for you to set up a closely-held offshore company. Seychelles is lax in reporting interest income to foreign tax authorities. Hence, you will avoid double taxation when you invest in this foreign market. The country’s economy is improving at a fast pace, and its banking sector is growing rapidly.

Hong Kong
The country is located near the rapidly-growing China and has great privacy in its banking sector. Its strategic location in Asia has also made investors set up multi-national companies in the countries making its economic growth rate to increase exponentially. Also, when you hold funds in the country, you are allowed to keep your money in a wide range of currencies. Additionally, you can quickly change the currencies to suit your needs, and your accounts can even be held in gold.

The tax laws in Hong Kong are favorable to foreigners, and the interest rates are favorable. Deposit interests, inheritances, capital gains, and dividends are not charged any taxes. Also, profits from overseas trades that you pay to Hong Kong-managed accounts are not taxable.

Though the country got to the top of the financial center by ignoring illegal foreign activity, its rapidly growing wealth management industries have made it becomes an offshore haven. The country’s wealth management sector is predicted to rival that of Switzerland by 2020 and its benefits from its location as a hub for South East Asia.

The country’s tax rates are estimated to be among the lowest in Asia with a wide range of currencies and gold available for account holders. The banking sector is compliant with banking regulations. Nonetheless, due to its size, it profoundly influences the government hence there is minimal political opposition to privacy practices.

The country provides the world’s strictest confidentiality in the matters of banking and investments. Switzerland is stable and politically neutral with the financial services industry protected by a strong consensus against all political changes that may interfere with its stability. Thus, Swiss banks provide reliable and secure offshore banking environments. These benefits have enabled Switzerland to hold banking assets approximately 820 percent of the country’s GDP.

These are the hottest offshore markets for you to invest with guaranteed security and significant return on investment.

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