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Best Office 365 Apps For Efficiency

In this modern age, it is clear that businesses rely heavily on technology. Over the past few decades, technology has evolved massively, leading to businesses and workplaces becoming more efficient. For workplaces that rely on technology to help them with their day-to-day tasks, it is important that you find the right apps that will improve efficiency. Office 365 is a popular software used within many workplaces, and it boasts many different apps that can improve efficiency. 

If you are looking for ways to improve workplace efficiency, this article is for you. This article will cover 5 of the best Office 365 apps that can help improve efficiency. Keep on reading to find out more:

Microsoft Teams

One of the most used Office 365 apps is Microsoft Teams, which is an app that has increased in popularity since 2020. During the pandemic, many workers started to work remotely, which meant they needed an efficient way to keep in touch with their colleagues and still host regular meetings. For a business that relies heavily on meetings, you need an effective way to connect with your team and keep everyone in the loop. With Microsoft Teams, you can easily start a call with someone or a team of people with a simple click of a button. You can also organise meetings in advance so everyone can put the meeting on their calendar. This allows businesses to be more efficient and, most importantly, stay connected.

Microsoft Outlook

Another popular Office 365 app is Outlook, an emailing app that allows users to send and receive emails and manage and organise their calendars. This is a great app for improving efficiency, as Outlook provides you with lots of useful tools that can be used to organise the emails you send and receive. Many workers in the UK will spend hours per workday replying to emails, which can get tricky if things need to be properly organised. However, Outlook makes organising emails super simple, and you can organise each email chain into different categories to help you keep track. Furthermore, you can also share your calendar with your co-workers, which makes it easy to arrange meetings as you can see everyone’s availability.

Microsoft To-Do

If you stay organised by writing many to-do lists, this app is the perfect option. Whereas some of the other Office 365 support apps are designed to be shared with others, Microsoft To-Do is more intended for individual use. With this app, you can organise all of your ideas digitally, which means there is no risk of them getting lost. It makes it easier for you to stay on top of your work schedule and can also help improve your productivity. Having everything organised in one place is much more efficient, as it means you do not have to search for that random piece of scrap paper you wrote an idea down on. You can also sync Microsoft To Do to your other devices, meaning you can access your lists whenever you need to.

Microsoft Planner

It is clear that in any business, being organised is essential. It is only possible to run a successful business if you know how to keep things organised. Thankfully, plenty of helpful apps can help you keep your work schedule organised, one of those being Microsoft Planner. As the name suggests, this app gives users some help and support with planning and organising their work schedule, as it keeps everything in one place. So, if you need to schedule a meeting, you can look at your planner and quickly find some free space. 

Furthermore, if you have many project deadlines, you can use the planner to help keep track of each project and measure its progress. With Microsoft Planner, you can also link projects to someone else’s calendar, so if you are working on something with your colleague, you can keep track of its progress together, making everything more efficient.

Microsoft SharePoint

Whether your business operates remotely or you work from an office, it is important that you can share files whenever you need to. Workers must be able to access the information they need from any device, which is what SharePoint allows you to do. With SharePoint, you can securely store and organise important information, making it safe and easy for business teams to work together. Particularly for businesses that operate entirely remotely, it is essential that your team can still collaborate together efficiently and securely. If your business has lots of teams or collaborative projects, this app could be great.

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