Best Note Taking App For iPad

Best Note Taking App For iPad


If you take notes regularly, you are aware that an iPad and an Apple Pencil are insufficient.

Your note-taking app has a significant effect on how well your notes turn out.

However, there are a huge number of options, and not all applications are made equal.

We’re going to examine in more detail 6 of the top note-taking applications available in the App Store today.

Let’s start now.

Top 5 Best Note Taking App For iPad

  • Notability
  • Apple Notes
  • Goodnotes 6
  • Margin Note 3
  • LiquidText

1. Notability

Notability has unquestionably shown its value to notetakers throughout the years, garnering hundreds of favorable evaluations.

Although Goodnotes and other applications have caught on and incorporated this function, this program is most well-known for its audio synchronization feature, which lets you record audio and sync it with your notes as you type.

Notability also has several distinctive traits to make itself different. Users who have multi-note functionality can compare or multitask by opening two notes at once and arranging them in the app. The new Pencil feature gives the app more flexibility by enabling users to sketch and doodle.

Notability makes it simpler than ever to take notes during courses, meetings, and other events by integrating multitasking features and technology like handwriting recognition and math translation.

Events, conferences, and anything else.

Notability changed from a paid app with a one-time payment to a free service with a premium membership option called Notability Plus in late 2021. Notability is a fantastic alternative to take into account if you’re seeking outstanding software that doesn’t demand an upfront financial commitment.


  • You can quickly compare and work on several papers at once thanks to multi-note functionality.
  • To quickly and easily reuse your favorite tool colors, create and save your favorite presets.
  • You may translate handwritten calculations into standard mathematical expressions using math conversion (premium only).
  • With tilt-activated shading and pressure sensitivity, the Pencil Tool enables sketching and drawing.

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2. Apple Notes

Apple Notes has existed since the beginning of digital note-taking, which may or may not be true. Back in 2007, when iOS version 1 was released, the app debuted. It was originally a mobile version of the Notes program, which has been (and still is) a mainstay of the Mac OS.

Why is any of it important? Because the Notes app is older than any other app on our list and because of its continued use, it is obvious that it is here to stay.

Apple Notes has advanced significantly as a note-taking software. It has standard tools (pens, highlighters, etc.), much like the majority of other note-taking programs. and for further workspace customization, they are all organized in a toolbar that can be dragged about on the screen.

But despite its initially unimpressive appearance, Apple Notes contains a few distinctive features that will surprise you.

Features Of Apple Notes

  • Enables users to naturally write and type on the same page while utilizing a variety of input methods, including their fingers, the on-screen keyboard, an Apple Pencil, and an Apple Keyboard.
  • Enables shading while using the Apple Pencil to sketch. To enable shading, tilt your Apple Pencil. Additionally, you may push harder to produce a more dramatic shading effect.
  • Recognizes dates, phone numbers, addresses, and other information written in hand. Will open up other possibilities for recognized text, such as the ability to schedule events or make phone calls right from the Notes app.
  • iCloud native syncing on all Apple devices.

3. Goodnotes 6

For notetakers worldwide, Goodnotes is a powerhouse. Everything you need to take notes, compose music, annotate PDFs, and more is included in the app.

Goodnotes’ extensive collection of organizational tools is one of its key advantages over rival products. Goodnotes by default enables you to make Notebooks and save anything inside of them. This is fundamentally different from a product like Notability or Apple Notes, where the program somewhat restricts your ability to organize.

Naturally, Goodnotes goes beyond. The software has a robust search feature, built-in handwriting recognition, tools with AI, and much more. These tools let you comment and highlight the papers you import.

Additionally, the app syncs with iCloud and other third-party storage so that you may always have access to your notes.

What is the drawback, then?

There aren’t many drawbacks to Goodnotes, but one that is (unfortunately) absent is the absence of a favorite’s toolbar.

 Features Of Goodnotes 6

  • Tools for creating notebooks offer an unmatched degree of customization for notes and notebooks.
  • Users may establish a customized organizational structure by storing folders within other folders thanks to infinite, nested storage.
  • You can quickly find any note, document, or website using the Favourites area, which is accessible from one place.

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4. Margin Note 3

Margin Note, the second of the two research tools on our list, works and behaves similarly to LiquidText (shown above).

With Margin Note, you can choose text snippets, annotate PDFs, and open your document in a digital workspace.

In contrast to LiquidText, which concentrates on taking handwritten notes and annotating documents (which Margin Note also supports), this program also supports clipping notes, making flashcards or mind maps, and developing study plans.

One of Margin Notes’ primary differentiators is the ease with which the mind-mapping generation may be created, with its straight lines and blocks that appear organized and sharp.

Features Of Margin Note 3

  • Each note may be updated and commented on, allowing you to add context as you set aside sections.
  • You may rapidly review your notes and prepare for tests with flashcards.
  • You may arrange snippets using the Auto Add to Mind Map tool without doing a lot of dragging and sliding.

5. LiquidText

LiquidText is more of a study and research tool created to assist you in parsing PDFs and other documents, as opposed to standard note-taking applications, which provide a blank page for you to scribble down notes.

Opening a file in LiquidText causes the document to be imported into a virtual workspace. Your document and the workspace both take up half of the screen in the workspace. As with any other note-taking program, you may highlight and annotate text as you read your paper.

Text fragments can also be grabbed and moved to the other side of the screen.

These snippets will then be turned into tiny cards by LiquidText, which you can then move around the workspace.

As you collect information from your document, you may organize it, establish links between the details using lines, and much more.

Although this method of taking notes is more research-based, LiquidText includes a variety of capabilities that you won’t find in most other applications, which is a game-changer for anybody trying to sift documents for important facts and insights.

Features Of LiquidText

  • An organized collection of extracts, remarks, and handwritten notes is possible with an infinite workspace.
  • Users may build projects around a subject or idea by adding many documents to a single workspace, which also helps to gather related research.
  • The built-in web browser makes it quick and simple to import web pages as PDFs.
  • It is considerably simpler to digest and compare crucial facts when papers may be compressed and expanded during the study.

The top iPad note-taking applications may be improved with Paper.

The proper software may unquestionably be the difference between success and failure whether preparing for the upcoming test or taking fast notes in a conference.

The majority of the apps on our list are free, so you can test them out and make straightforward notes and documents with no risk at all.

Don’t forget to get a Paper if you intend to use the Apple Pencil or a comparable stylus to take notes on your iPad to enhance your note-taking experience.

To enable you to doodle and make notes, Paper turns your screen from slick glass into a surface that feels just like a genuine notepad or notebook.

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