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Best No-Code App Development Platforms to Create Apps

In this section you will have everything to create apps. All this without having advanced knowledge in programming. It is enough that you have a good idea to start translating it into an app for any mobile device. Remember that mobile apps take the user experience to unsuspected levels. With an app you stay connected with your users and clients, in a kind of constant feedback.

Many apps allow you to organize your day efficiently, to manage your company, to have fun, among others. Whatever the objective of your app if you have a business or a personal project, you should know that in the long run you will be successful thanks to the demand for downloads of them. So, you cannot afford to ignore this powerful way to grow your business or expand your idea, brand or personal project.

The Best Platforms to Create An Application For Free

On the internet there are countless tools to create an app without knowing how to program too much and you can take advantage of them to develop what you have in mind without much work. Therefore, below you will have the best app builder to create apps that are fully functional.


If you need your online store to have its own app where you can post extra content and sell your products there, then check out Appstylo. With this app maker, you will have multiple templates and different options for you to start developing your application. Among the options you have, restaurant apps, chatting apps, and many more.


This site allows you to create an app quickly and fully functional. It is an intuitive platform where you can develop a native app for both iOS and Android as well as for Windows Phone. It also has a function for its monetization, in such a way that the platform keeps a small percentage of your app.

One of its best features is that it natively supports the implementation of Google Maps and Google Analytics, so you can enter geolocation data and obtain statistical data from your application when you need it.

If you are a programmer, it allows you to write source code so that you can customize it however you want, and it has a database to store all the information contained in the app.


It is an easy-to-use tool that also has many features to develop your mobile app just the way you want it. Similarly, choose a category to see the templates you can work with.

Many of these templates are customizable, so you have a lot of leeway on this platform that allows you to create amazing, ready-to-publish apps.


This tool is an application creator that stands out for having many more features than even many paid platforms. It is free because you share the monetization of it. That is, the developers of this platform make money if you make money. You can make native apps for Android only, but you will do it quickly because it is intuitive.

It has several video tutorials that explain how to make the apps there. In this way, you have one of the tools to create quite complete free apps that have an infinite number of interesting and functional functions.


Kodular is a tool that allows you to develop apps directly from the cloud. In addition, its interface is friendly and intuitive, which makes it very easy to use. One of its best features is the security that provides security for the apps that you create and that are stored on its servers.

It is a free platform because it also shares the monetization every time, they download your app. This is because they take a small commission from your earnings. As for features and functions, you have several to choose from so you can customize your app.


In just 3 steps, Andromo allows you to create and develop apps for your projects. You do not have to have great programming knowledge to create apps in this place, since it is an intuitive platform, and it will guide you step by step in the development of complete apps in a short time.

You need to create an Andromo account to start creating and developing your app. Once you are there, all you have to do is include the functionalities of your creation and how you want it to work. You save your project and just wait for a confirmation email from the developers of this page.

This free app creator tool allows you to develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The editor included in this site is visual, which works under the drag and drop technique. Which means you just have to drag the elements you need into your app and drop them on the site or template.

It has a wide range of plugins, with which you can add multiple functionalities to your application. In this way, the plugins will also enhance the performance and development of your creation so that it works optimally.


This tool allows you to use images from your website and connections to social networks as resources for the app you are going to create. Also, if you have a company and you want to create your app to sell your products online, import the catalogs of your items there. You can develop an application for Android and for iOS.

Similarly, they have a separate service where they upload your app-to-app download and purchase stores, such as the App Store and Google Play Store. Making the apps here is totally free, but you have to pay if you want them to be uploaded to the virtual stores.


This is a platform that allows you to create free apps focused on geolocation, in which you have interesting features to explore. In addition, you can manage your content thanks to the fact that it has functions for you to add them from social networks and from different platforms.

Also, you can create a wall where users who downloaded your app can interact with each other. It is available for you to develop apps from iOS and Android without problems.


The interface of this website focused on creating free apps is one of the best on the list. It offers various features and functionality to customize your creation, but it is not compatible with Windows Phone. In the same way, you can develop apps that help you monetize the content you post there.

As for the design, if you develop your app with Thunkable, it will look intuitive and extremely bold. If you are new to creating these types of tools, there are video tutorials to familiarize you with the functions of the page. It has an app testing service once you have created it and an emulator. So, you can give it the go-ahead, download it and publish it once it’s ready.


If you want to create native apps for free, then Dropsource is a good alternative that you should try right away. It has a wide range of tools for you to use at all times when developing mobile applications. It will allow you to create, test and review your app before you publish it, as well as integrate your data through a dedicated API.

When you finish the design process, you will have an emulator to test the application you just created. When everything is ready, you can download or publish it on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store without any problems. Of course, you have to create an application for each of the operating systems mentioned above.


If you need to program apps focused on mobile video games, GameSalad is the one to solve your problem. Convert your games into apps for iOS and Android in a simple way, through an intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

This platform has been on the internet for some time and has been enhanced to cover many more demands. It has several great features and thus you can create powerful gaming applications with excellent performance.

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