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Best Movies to Order for the Upcoming Weekend

Weekend Movies

March is moving smoothly and slowly, all the while putting a layer of boredom on anything it can get its hands on. What’s making it worse is the pandemic-induced lockdown, which carries its air of stress and paranoia. Most of us are looking for an escape from the daily grind. An escape that takes us somewhere else, far from the chaotic world we currently reside in, and beyond the bounds of the imagination. An escape that reignites the spark of levity in our lives and makes us feel invested in a story other than our own. And, an escape, which refreshes us to such an extent that when we return to our everyday work, we feel motivated, proactive, and ready to take the world by storm. The main question is: Where can we find such an escape? The perfect answer is, in a movie. 

Television and cinema are the two most powerful tools that deliver the best of entertainment to your home. By choosing an ideal cable provider like RCN TV, you can not only enjoy channel-rich programming daily but also get a chance to order your favorite movie on demand from the provider on special occasions. Confused about which titles to order? Don’t be. This post will list the best movies to order for the upcoming weekend. All you need to do is create the perfect setup. Book the most comfortable couch in the house for your private viewing. Ready the toasty snacks and steaming buttery popcorns. Tune your smart HD TV and watch the following movie selections in the order of your liking. 

Raya and the Last Dragon

Do you feel like watching an animated number? Then, Raya and the Last Dragon should be your go-to film. This 2021 Disney movie tells the tale of Kumandra, a fantastical land where humans and dragons live together peacefully, and until the arrival of the evil spirits, Druun, who suck the life force out of people and multiple. To ward off the terrible monsters, the dragons use their magic to create an orb and turn to stone, as a result. 500 years later, the orb shatters, the Druun returns and it is up to Raya to save the day with the help of the last dragon, Sisu. Let’s see what happens.

The Departed

Academy Award winner, this Martin Scorsese directed movie is a pure crime drama. It revolves around the life of a South Boston cop, Billy Costigan, who is sent undercover to penetrate a crime syndicate led by a gangster chief, Costello. While, on the other hand, a career criminal, Colin Sullivan, is sent to infiltrate the police department undercover and report its goings on to his gang organization. Once both groups discover a mole in their midst, the two individuals must help each other to save their lives. Sounds exhilarating, doesn’t it? 

Get Smart

In the battle between the nefarious crime syndicate, KAOS, and the U.S. secret counter-intelligence agency CONTROL, you find the socially awkward yet eager analyst, Agent Smart (Steve Carell), promoted to field agent, after all the other agents’ identities are exposed. His mission? To neutralize KAOS’s plan to dominate the world. His partner? The experienced and lovely Agent 99, played by Anne Hathaway. Order this movie from your cable provider to see how the story goes, and be sure, laughter is definitely in stock. 


Devote your evening to this science fiction thriller, which takes you into an isolated space, and gives you a survivalist adventure you’ve never seen before. Having used up Earth’s entire resources, humans build an ark spaceship with a population of around 60,000 travelers on board to reach and colonize a favorable planet, Tanis. But something happens amidst travel, when some of the crew members jolt awake from hyper-sleep and find themselves being hunted by cannibalistic creatures, under the spell of a psychotic disease, Pandorum. 

Scream 4

How can any list be complete without a horror number? Well, this is not exactly a horror movie per se, but more of a slasher/thriller. It brings Sidney Prescott back to her hometown, Woodsboro, and this time for the promotion of her self-help book, which has been a way for her to deal with the traumatic events created in her life by the Ghostface killer. She hooks up with her old friends and things seem to be going well. Until, the Ghostface killer resurfaces in another form, and puts her loved ones in danger. 


An Adam Sandler number, this movie is light, comedic, and enjoyable in its way. It shows a clash between two cultures, the Spanish and the English that try to discover harmony in co-existence. The movie centers on a Mexican immigrant, Flor Moreno, who finds housekeeping work with the Clasky family but is unable to manage the load due to her daughter’s caretaking responsibilities. As both are forced to move to the Clasky home, tensions build-up when the two families try to share a space. It is an interesting exploration of cross-cultural relationships, and you should give it a go.

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for? Note these movies and order them on demand from your TV provider to bring back some semblance of excitement into your life.

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