Best Move to Earn Cryptos in 2022

After the popularity of play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrencies that monetize gaming activities, move-to-earn (M2E) cryptocurrencies are a rising niche that promotes physical activity by offering crypto rewards.

Gamers loved earning free Bitcoin – or native tokens that could be converted into BTC – and the ‘move-to-earn’ crypto craze opened up that way to invest even more, now to fitness enthusiasts. Many moves to earn crypto coins have crashed in value though in 2022. What went wrong? Is M2E crypto a bubble?

In this guide, we list some of the biggest names in the move to earn cryptocurrency, and some upcoming M2E crypto projects to watch that may perform well this year thanks to better tokenomics.

Top Move to Earn (M2E) Crypto List

We first picked out six of the native coins of some new move to earn crypto projects early in their roadmap as alternatives to the bigger names that have already ‘pumped’ i.e. had a bull cycle.

  • WINGSFIT- Top Move-To-Earn Crypto Project
  • Battle Infinity- M2E Metaverse Platform
  • STEPN – Move-to-Earn Lifestyle App
  • Step App – FitFi Cryptocurrency Project
  • Dotmoovs – Sports-Based M2E Cryptocurrency
  • Genopets – NFT Avatars Representing a Player’s Performance

Best Move to Earn Crypto Game Apps & Coins – Reviews

Other than the two brand-new projects we picked out, our M2E crypto-list is also in order by market capitalization – although move to earn is a relatively new niche and only the top four move to earn crypto projects on CoinGecko so far have a market cap over $10 million.

  1. WINGSFIT – Top Move-To-Earn Crypto Project

WINGSFIT is an exciting new cryptocurrency project, is a move-to-earn metaverse platform that allows users to earn in-game rewards and leverage NFT protocols.

WINGSFIT is a Web3 lifestyle app poised to become the next big move to earning apps. With sedentary lifestyles growing, the app aims to help people go outside and work on their fitness. The platform has inbuilt Game-Fi, Sport-Fi, and Social-Fi elements and is powered by the leading technology in the metaverse, augmented reality, and blockchain.

Users can rent sneakers NFT or own a sneaker NFT to start making money. WINGSFIT’ rental system enables users to make money without having to make a significant initial investment. In order to keep people persevering, each user is equipped with a free character in the app. In addition to buying sneaker NFT, players can rent or buy clothes, NFT gear such as pants enhances the character’s abilities. Thereby earning more tokens.

Wings Token (WST) launched the beta sale phase of its presale this week, running until December 12, 2022, at a discounted price

Investors can buy WST until December 12nd for only BNB 0.00001 per token. Afterward, the price will increase by 66.67% till the end of Q4 2022. The project expects to reach its beta presale hard cap target of BNB 5 thousand and collect BNB 25 thousand via the presale round.

Buy WST Now

2. Battle Infinity – M2E Metaverse Platform 

This sports metaverse P2E game has had a huge demand since the presale, where it raised 16,500 worth of BNB in only 24 days.

Battle Infinity is the ecosystem of six P2E environments where users can play sports games and compete, mint avatars, or stake their coins for high rewards.

Battle Infinity launched the staking program recently, and as of now, $4 million is locked up. This decreases the circulating supply and increases the token price.

Stakers can earn between 12% to 25% APY on the staking protocol.

3. STEPN – Move-to-Earn Lifestyle App

Built on the Solana blockchain, STEPN is a unique move-to-earn cryptocurrency project, categorizing itself as a ‘Web3 lifestyle app’. Providing a fitness app, STEPN allows players to earn in-game rewards by walking, jogging, or running.

On STEPN, players need to purchase NFT sneakers – which vary in price depending on their characteristics, rarity, and other attributes. One of the best NFT games to play, STEPN aims to promote a healthier lifestyle for millions of people by incentivizing monetary rewards.

The platform’s main governance token is GMT (Green Metaverse Token) – which can be used to access premium content and customization options. Notably, the NFT sneakers level up as and when players physically move and are tracked with a GPS. The platform also incorporated the moonwalking technique, ensuring that the player is properly monitored throughout their move goal.

As players reach level 30 or higher, GMT tokens can be accessed and can also be swapped with USDC. GMT has a circulating supply of 600 million tokens – representing 10% of the total supply.

4. Step App – FitFi Cryptocurrency Project

One of StepN’s main competitors in the move to earn apps niche is the similarly named Step App – with its own native token FITFI. GMT had a first-mover advantage (launching on Binance on March 9th, 2022) but FITFI also performed well at first (launching on on April 27th).

FITFI then crashed however in mid-2022 – although all altcoins did after the LUNA and UST collapse rocked the crypto market and then Celsius’ bankruptcy and fears over the company being liquidated with a large BTC and ETH position sent Bitcoin down to $17,600 and Ethereum down to $880.

Some would see the low FITFI price today as a potential buy-the-dip opportunity, and it may be forming a rounded bottom. Although more conservative investors might want to wait for a clearer flip in market structure and a new bullish uptrend on the monthly chart.

In late July 2022 news broke that Step App signed a partnership with world record-holding athlete Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. That could be bullish for the FITFI price in the long term if his brand recognition helps this move to earn app pick up a wider user base.

5. Dotmoovs – Sports-Based M2E Cryptocurrency

Dotmoovs is far different from the move2earn apps presented above. Focusing on football and dancing, Dotmoov matches players in PvP battles and users record videos of themselves playing games such as Freestyle football 2 meters away. A combination of an AI system, a computer vision algorithm, an arbitration engine, and a scoring algorithm works as the referee and dictates the winner of each battle.

Upon being matched with an opponent, Dotmoov will ask both of you to perform a specific task and the combination of algorithms will choose the winner. There is also a wagering system for the pro players.

Dotmoov features premium NFTs that can be collected and sold in the marketplace while also supporting renting.

When it comes to tokenomics, Dotmoov is powered by the MOOV token which is earned by completing challenges, betting against other players, and reaching specific milestones.

6. Genopets – NFT Avatars Representing a Player’s Performance 

This is the most unique one in our list of move-to-earn apps. Through role-playing games (RPG), Genopets combines the Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn models by rewarding users for playing games, exercising, and taking care of their NFT “pets”.

By allowing users to mint and sell Genopet NFTs, Genopets’ free-to-play business model enables users to make money without having to make a significant initial investment.

The dual token system is also used in Genopets. The first token is GENE, which serves as the platform’s governance token, and the second is KI, an in-game token that can be used to make in-game purchases and grant rewards.

By immersing users in a gamified experience where they nurture, combat, and grow digital creatures, Genopets encourages them to take better care of their minds and bodies. The idea makes it possible to generate additional income through in-game sales of various NFTs like habitats and crystals as well as in-game revenues in the form of $KI.

What to Consider When Investing in Move to Earn Crypto Coins

Before investing in the best M2E cryptocurrencies, let’s look at some of the main factors to consider before investing in this space.

Are Move to Earn Crypto Projects Good Investment?

Although M2E cryptocurrency projects are not a well-established niche, a high-risk, high-reward element is involved when investing in this space. Some of the best M2E projects also offer tokens at a low price.

For example, WINGSFIT is one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies to buy at current levels. However, investors with a high-risk appetite may want to invest in such cryptocurrencies for the long term.

Diversifying in the best M2E projects may lead to significant upwards movement. Moreover, the move-to-earn cryptocurrency movement may also appeal to investors with Web3 and blockchain technology development. It is estimated that the metaverse may have a market cap of $5 trillion by 2030. Since this is just the start of incorporating AI-based technologies via crypto protocols, long-term investors may benefit from their investments.

Metaverse Integration

Crypto projects with the most staying power tend to have their own metaverse platform – industry leaders in that sector include Decentraland, The Sandbox, etc.

Our top picks WINGSFIT and Battle Infinity also have metaverse plans – particularly the former.

How to Buy Move to Earn Crypto?

Our choices for the top move to earn cryptos will require downloading and setting up a MetaMask wallet or a Trust Wallet as they are not yet listed on major exchanges.

Follow these steps to buy Wings Token (WST):

Download a free crypto wallet at

Load that wallet with BNB

Visit the WINGSFIT presale

Click ‘Buy’ and choose crypto to swap for WST

Join the WINGSFIT Telegram group to stay updated (admins will not DM you first)


Move to earn is one of the newest areas of cryptocurrency, and has attracted a lot of attention – although many moves to earn crypto apps and their native tokens have underperformed in 2022. Many altcoins were affected across all other sectors such as DeFi however during the 2022 ‘crypto winter’ and bear market correction.

Some move to earn crypto coins also faced issues due to their infinite supply, inflation rate, and other tokenomics issues. Many also became overvalued initially after their first hype cycle – GMT rose from under 10 cents to over $4 within the space of eight weeks – and a retracement was to be expected.

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