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Best Minds in Marketing You Should Follow

Looking for inspiration or fresh ideas to take your business to the next level? Great minds don’t simply follow the lead of the marketplace; they guide the marketplace with new ideas, new ways of marketing, novel forms of communication.

Here are six marketing thought leaders you need to follow right now and why:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuk was an early backer of Twitter. In content marketing, there are proponents and there are creators. Vaynerchuk helped to invent the mediums we use now. If you want to know how content marketing really works, listen to what Gary Vaynerchuk has to say.

Dylan Ogline

There are a lot of marketing experts who pretend to be experts in everything. Dylan Ogline does one thing really well – paid advertising. His agency, Ogline Digital, does only that one thing. While he understands all kinds of digital marketing, he’s done something almost no one else does – he stays hyper-focused on one thing. Dylan Ogline is the one person on the planet you need to listen to about paid direct response advertising online.

Brian Halligan

If you’re doing any content marketing, you know HubSpot. You need to know the name Brian Halligan, a co-founder of this powerful platform and the leading expert for inbound marketing. From marketing funnels to lead generation, Halligan is one of the most powerful and insightful voices in marketing, even if he’s not a household name right now.

Jasmine Star

Some people are brilliant with marketing overall, and others are masters of a single platform. Jasmine Star is the person to follow if you want to understand how Instagram works. Not just a brilliant marketing mind, she’s also a gifted photographer. Without ever clicking a post, you can get a sense of what a well-posed, well-framed IG photo should look like. Her smile is infectious, her knowledge is top-notch. Follow Jasmine Star if you want to take your Instagram account to a new level.

Aaron Draplin

All marketing today, and for generations past, is visual. There are lots of people who can read the cold data of posting audiences, times, and content. Few truly understand how design can influence a consumer’s decisions. That’s what makes Aaron the leader in his field. His Instagram feed is filled with tips, tricks and hints that will help you make better designs yourself. Learn from a master.

Goldie Chan

Understanding influencer marketing is more than instinct, it’s a science. Chan defined that science. She understands how influencers work, where their successes are, and how powerful it can be to have the right person pitch your product or service. Her YouTube/video sense is second-to-none. If it’s the power of video you want to harness and ride, Goldie Chan is the marketing master to listen to.

There’s never any need to figure out marketing on your own. Follow the right thinkers and trendsetters, you’ll have the answers right in front of you for free. 

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