Best Microsoft Project Alternatives of 2022

Microsoft Project was one of the best tools for project management and collaboration for any type of project. But over time, it has become a thing of the past because it failed to adapt to the growing needs of integrated project management and extensive collaborations. To fulfill this gap, a lot of alternatives were created by different software companies. All of these provide the latest technology for collaboration, more integration is required for modern project management. Read below to know about these project management alternatives of Microsoft Project for 2022 and beyond.

List of the Best Microsoft Project Alternatives:

Here is a list of the top/best MS project alternatives that you can use for your project management needs.

1.   TeamHood:

Teamhood is one of the best and most powerful Microsoft Project Alternative that allows users to visualize everything that they are doing in a project. Apart from that, it is also one of the best choices for extensive work, where a lot of team members are working on the same project. It allows multi-user capabilities so that it is easy for everyone to know what is happening in the project and what changes are being done. Also, the whole management process becomes smooth for project managers to manage.

2.   WorkZone:

If you are looking for a faster, and better alternative to the MS project, then the WorkZone is the best choice. It is better, faster, effective, and more visual, but is less complex and easy to work with. Project managers can use it for extensive collaborations with different teams, and update the entire project at once. It makes the process of project management easier for the project managers. WorkZone can be used for small projects, and also very large projects.

3.   Teamwork Projects:

Teamwork Projects is also similar to MS projects but offers more productivity, collaboration, and is less complicated. It is easy for anyone to learn the use of Teamwork Projects. It is a software that focuses more on collaboration, and team communication along with the project visualization, and better integration of changes. It helps the project managers in managing and tracking the progress of their projects.

4.   BaseCamp:

BaseCamp is also one of the best alternatives to the Microsoft Projects. It allows the project managers to keep track of the project progress, update teams about changes, integrate new members, and work on the project. It is also an easy-to-use software that is less complex and more productive.

5.   Rational Plan:

For those project managers who focus more on project planning and want something that allows them to keep the planning in focus. The Rational Plan is the best alternative to Microsoft Projects. It allows the users to create, change, update plans and integrate teams within the same framework so that everyone gets updated at the same time.


If you are looking for a project management tool, you should consider selecting one of the above. This is because all of these tools are known for being the best. Also, these tools have been tested by experts. Meaning that their productivity is guaranteed for project managers.

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