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Best Makes Noise in the Real Estate Industry

Best Makes Noise in the Real Estate Industry

Best Real Estate is making quite the noise amongst U.S realtors since their formation and have been published within multiple news outlets such as Daily Silicon Valley, for their ability to get realtors buyers & sellers who are in need of a realtor to book an appointment with them.

According to their site, they achieve this through four steps;

Step 1: Motivated buyer and seller targeting, using behavioral and geo combined, this targeting strategy finds motivated buyers and sellers that are actively looking for a local agent via social media. Best Real Estate aims for qualified leads based on credit, budget & timeframe, so you’re dealing with only the highest quality of potential buyers and sellers, giving you full confidence that when a notification goes off you’re likely to pocket another commission that day (when a lead meets the match they get pinged through on your phone to dial and close).

What’s appealing is you decide the quality of a lead, not them, and they achieve this according to their website through a 100% done-with-you system offering multi-channel advertising, more specifically, Facebook / Instagram Ads, Google / Youtube Ads, and Mobile apps – with no recurring service retainer needed to work with them, it’s a pay-once have access for life model, which we’ll touch on in a moment.

Step 2: Authority positioning, using their proprietary 360 digital approach, they follow your ideal customers around and position you as the go-to authority agent until that buyer/seller prospect decides to reach out.

This is accomplished through their pre-eminent customer relationship manager (CRM) that allows for laser-accurate tracking and follow-up until the buyer or seller closes, no leads go left unseen, no leads seen go left unclosed.

Step 3: Appointment setting, Best’s system qualifies the prospect (based on, credit, budget & timeframe), follows up with them & finally prompts the lead to book an appointment with you when they are ready to begin the sales process.

Step 4: Authority status, because Best has already captured the prospect’s info, they can now continue to position you in front of your leads throughout the sales process to keep you at top of mind by building trust with your current listings, testimonials, client results, press releases, buying/selling guides & other value enabling you to secure the deal.

As mentioned on Step 1, Best Real Estate does not work on a retainer basis, their service works on a rather unique pay once get access for life basis, you can fill your pipeline with hot ready to close leads, and have them track them all for you until the dawn of time without a second bill ever leaving your pocket. Pay once, your business is set for life. All you do is cover the ad spend & phone costs but the budget is totally under your control.

Their positive feedback seems never-ending on their site with a dedicated page of testimonials to scroll through, we believe one factor in why they’ve enrolled this many realtor users and risen to the top of agencies serving agents across the USA, is down to their boldness.

After analyzing Best Real Estate, we believe they’re worth a shot, and you can formulate your own decision using the below links.

More about Best Real Estate

Best Real Estate is a company focused on providing innovative marketing solutions for real estate professionals. For more information on their products and services, please visit the official site at

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