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Best Luxury Rehab in the World

We all have bared whiteness on how celebrities abuse rehab, right? It has been proven that many of them are battling rehab. Luckily they always end up in some of the most luxurious rehabilitation facilities in the world.

The rehabs may also contain some fantastic amenities, which may include:

  • Libraries
  • Persona chefs 
  • High-End gyms
  • Spars
  • Massages 
  • Swimming pool
  • High-Speed Internet, etc.

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World Class Detox Centers

These facilities offer some of the best experiences in the world, which might even leave you to addicted to the place itself. Many addicts find the areas more comforting, allowing them to have a more holistic, pleasant, long-lasting, and easier to commit to the recovery process.

Kusnacht Practice

Kusnacht is located near Lake Zurich, offers world-class detox center treatment, and is one of the most expensive rehabilitation facilities in the world. Each patient has a caregiver who ensures that you follow all your treatment goals and offer first-class services. Patients can enjoy the beautiful view and the luxurious amenities provided by the facilities.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay

Located in the Southern part of Byron Bay, Australia, Sanctuary Byron Bay offers treatment to addicts and those with co-current mental health conditions. The sanctuary treatment is truly holistic, combining therapeutical and traditional medicine. Clients also enjoy yoga, massages, meditation, and fitness therapy. They get luxurious 5-star services with a private swimming pool and an onsite chef to prepare them a gourmet meal of their choice.

Savana Bali 

Savana Bali is an excellent Addiction and treatment center offering some of the most unique and luxurious services. Treatments provided here are individual and group therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step philosophy, and other alternative therapies. Here clients can enjoy delicious gourmet meals cooked in-house with other luxurious amenities such as swimming, surfing, pool tables, and going for walks during their free time.

Luxury Ayahuasca Retreats Mexico

Ayahuasca is one of the oldest treatment methods in existence. Though Ayahuasca was initially used for spiritual purposes by a specific group of people, it is currently used for healing addiction and traumas, opening minds, and for people who want to experience it. 

Ayahuasca was initially practiced in Peru, Costa Rica, and Brazil. But Mexico has some of the most Luxurious Ayahuasca Retreats in Mexico, with these services being rendered by some of the most experienced shamans.

Here are the best luxury ayahuasca retreats in Mexico

The Holistic Sanctuary

With five-star accommodations and services, this might be the most luxurious retreat center that Mexico has to have. They offer profound healing for people suffering from addiction, PTSD, and depression. The programs there resemble that of an addiction facility. 

Ayahuasca is administered and monitored by some of the most experienced shamans. Additionally, they offer other profound methods of treatment and herbal medicines. Programs may run from 4-12 weeks long, depending on the treatment method. 

APL Journeys

APL journey is located in Yucatan Peninsula and offers a six-day retreat of Ayahuasca ceremony where you will be guided by three Ship Ibo from either Ecuador or Peru. Additionally, you will get support from the facilitators certified by the Red Cross. 

APL Journey has an impressive and luxurious outdoor setting in the middle of the jungle that you could enjoy. They also have an outdoor pool and shower, among other facilities set just for your comfort and relaxation. 

The facilities allow you to dive deeper into the traditions and culture of the indigenous people and medicine. Apart from Ayahuasca, you can have tenancy herbal saunas and medicinal flower baths, among many other traditional herbs.

Luxury alcohol rehabs in California

California has over 300 luxurious rehabilitation centers. They also have some of the most luxurious rehabs in the world. Here is a list of luxury alcohol rehabs in California and what makes them the best.

Passages Malibu

It is one of the most luxurious alcohol rehab centers found in California. Founded in 2001, the facility seats a 10 acres piece of land and comprises a $15 million mansion. They offer 12-step addiction recovery steps and are customized for each customer. 

Unlike many other centers, the facility has swimming, tennis, and other activities. Additionally, recovering addicts are allowed access to their phones, computers, and library.

Promises Malibu

Promises Malibu is a world-class luxurious alcohol rehabilitation center. They offer other drug addiction treatments, each treatment customized depending on the client’s addiction. Promises Malibu has hosted several celebrities, including Britney Spears, Linda Lohan, and Roberta Downey, among other big names.

Anton Center

Situated along the hills and the beaches of Santiago, this is a private luxurious treatment center offerings holistic traditional and alternative treatments. Anton offers other care, such as a pool, hot tubs, gym, tennis court, and massages. Patients are allowed to have electronic gadgets such as phones and laptops.

When searching for Luxurious rehabilitation facilities that are unique to your liking. Ensure the mode of treatment offered is also the best for you.

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