Best Laptops Students Should Buy Right Now

Laptops are essential to study these days. This is one gadget that is of utmost importance in our life after phones. Plus having a personal laptop to study has its own range of benefits. You can store all the required data and access them anytime anywhere. Plus it is any day easy to study with a laptop when compared to traditional ways of books and papers.

But with the wide range of laptops available in the market, it becomes difficult to decide which one is ideal for students to buy. Moreover, if you are paying for the laptop, deciding on the best and budgeted one, becomes more important.

After all, you have to pay your fees, have personal expenses and even pay to do your homework for you, so you need a laptop that does stay for a long time and is not heavy on your pockets.

Thus, we have curated the best list of laptops for you to choose from. We have reviewed their physical, technical, and utility aspects, for you to decide.

#1 Dell Inspiron

The Inspiron series from Dell has been hit since its launch. It is impeccably powerful and allows you to seamlessly carry out multiple tasks. Even budget-wise it is the best laptop that gives so much.

It has 256GB of memory space for all your essentials and is powered by 10th generation Intel processors. The 4GB DDR4 memory allows seamless multitasking.

Also, the anti-glare 15.6 inches LED display is soft on your eyes and the sound system is designed to provide a personal theatre experience!

The popular selling sites will give you the best discount on these laptops. Also, they are designed to ease out students’ tasks with the best windows applications.

#2 HP 14

This amazing HP laptop has multiple features to lure you. It is pre-loaded with Windows 10 of lifetime validity. It also has pre-installed Microsoft Office and an in-built Alexa.

The 14 inches HD anti-glare micro-edge display ensures that your prolonged screen time does not stress your eyes. It is powered with 11th generation Intel Core i5 which promises smooth functioning. 

It comes with a storage of 512 GB and 8 GB RAM. 

These powerful features of HP make it an ideal student laptop. You can either opt for student EMIs or popular sites keep giving out regular discounts on the piece.

#3 Lenovo IdeaPad

The Lenovo IdeaPad comes in two variants: one has windows 10 with MS office and the other has only windows 10. Nonetheless, whatever variant you choose, you have hands-on the most powerful device.

This ultra-sleek laptop has just 19.9mm thinness and is easy to be carried anywhere and everywhere. It is powered by the Intel Core 10th gen processor with a combination of 8 GB RAM. It also provides you with a whopping 1TB of HDD storage.

It has a 15.6” anti-glare display to give a broader picture and Dolby audio for a great listening experience.

It is known for its lightning 2×2 Wi-Fi 5 to give the best internet experience.

#4 Acer Extensa

The Acer may be known as a business laptop but the lightning-fast experience that it provides is much suited for students. 

It is integrated with an Intel Pentium processor with 4GB of RAM that is upgradable to 8 GB. The 15.6 inches colour-rich display comforts the eyes by reducing glare. It weighs only 1.9kg and can be carried around easily. 

All the projects of all your subjects can be easily stirred in 1TB of space. This Acer laptop promises the best battery and comes with Wi-Fi 5 to ensure you have the best browsing experience.

To conclude,

The above laptops are the best laptops for students as of now. Popular shopping sites and stores regularly provide discounts on these laptops. Plus you can also buy the older version if your budget is tight. But ensure that you do not buy a laptop with a very old version as your apps may not support this.

But we are sure that the above laptops will certainly fit your budget and provide a great experience. Also, ensure there are various accessories to support your devices. If you are lucky, you might receive some complementary accessories when you buy the laptop with your student cards!

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