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Best Kid-Friendly Eateries in Portland for an Enjoyable Family Meal

Finding the perfect place to eat out with your family can be a fun adventure. In Portland, there are so many great places to choose from. But not all restaurants make it easy for families. That’s why we made this guide to the best kid-friendly eateries in Portland. Whether you want tasty food that everyone likes, a fun atmosphere, or special features to make your visit easier, we have the best spots for you. Let’s explore the top kid-friendly restaurants in Portland.

Criteria for Kid-Friendly Eateries

When picking a restaurant for your family, there are a few things to think about. These tips will help make sure everyone has a good time.

Tasty and Simple Menu Options

A good restaurant should have food that kids love to eat. Look for places that serve dishes like chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and mini burgers. It’s also great if they offer healthier choices like grilled chicken, veggie sticks, and fresh fruit. Some restaurants even have fun meals like build-your-own pizzas or tacos, which can make eating out even more exciting.

Fun Atmosphere

A cheerful and lively atmosphere is important to keep kids happy during the meal. Look for restaurants with bright decor, fun themes, or playful elements like murals and toys. Some places also have play areas, outdoor playgrounds, or activities like coloring books and games. These features can keep kids entertained and allow parents to relax and enjoy their meal.

Easy and Convenient

Convenience is key for families. Kid-friendly restaurants should be easy to get to, with plenty of parking and a simple route. Inside, look for places that have high chairs, booster seats, and enough space for strollers. Clean and well-maintained restrooms with changing stations are also a big plus.

Clean and Safe

Health and safety are very important when eating out. Restaurants should be clean and tidy, both in the dining area and play areas. Look for places that offer allergy-friendly options and clearly label their ingredients. Safe play areas and staff who are attentive and friendly make the experience even better.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make sure your family dining experience in Portland is both fun and enjoyable. Next, we’ll check out some of the best kid-friendly eateries in the city, each offering unique features that families will love. Stay tuned to find out where you can have a meal that everyone will enjoy!

Top Kid-Friendly Eateries in Portland

Here are some of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Portland where families can enjoy a great meal together:

  1. Portland City Grill

Portland City Grill offers a wonderful dining experience with a view. They have a variety of dishes that everyone will love. Their menu includes kid-friendly options, making it a great choice for families.

  1. Nong’s Khao Man Gai

This spot is famous for its delicious chicken and rice. The simple and tasty meals are perfect for children and adults alike. Nong’s Khao Man Gai is a must-visit for a quick and satisfying meal.

  1. Fogo De Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Fogo De Chão offers a unique dining experience with its endless servings of different meats. It’s a fun and engaging place to eat, especially for kids who enjoy trying new things.

  1. Screen Door Eastside

Known for its Southern comfort food, Screen Door Eastside is a favorite among families. Their menu has plenty of options that kids will enjoy, from fried chicken to waffles.

  1. McDonald’s

A classic choice for families, McDonald’s offers a menu that kids know and love. With play areas and familiar food options, it’s always a reliable option for a quick meal.

  1. Jake’s Famous Crawfish

Jake’s Famous Crawfish has been a Portland staple for years. Their seafood dishes are a hit with both kids and adults. The welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place for family dinners.

  1. Andina

For a taste of Peru, Andina offers a unique dining experience. Their menu includes dishes that are both flavorful and kid-friendly, making it a great spot for adventurous eaters.

  1. Mother’s Bistro & Bar

Mother’s Bistro & Bar is known for its homestyle cooking. The cozy atmosphere and comforting food make it a favorite among families. They offer a variety of dishes that kids will enjoy.

  1. Aztec Willie’s Taqueria

This vibrant taqueria serves up delicious Mexican food. With a fun atmosphere and tasty tacos, it’s a great place for a family meal. Kids will love the lively environment and flavorful dishes.

  1. Cheryl’s On 12th

Cheryl’s On 12th offers a diverse menu with something for everyone. Their kid-friendly options and warm atmosphere make it a perfect spot for families looking to enjoy a meal together.

Tips for Dining Out with Kids

Eating out with kids can be a fun and rewarding experience if you keep a few tips in mind:

Be Prepared

Make sure to bring along any essentials your kids might need, such as snacks, toys, or coloring books. This can help keep them entertained while waiting for the food.

Choose the Right Time

Try to go out during off-peak hours. Restaurants are usually less crowded, and the service is often faster, which can be easier with kids.

Order Wisely

Opt for simple and familiar dishes that your kids are likely to enjoy. Many restaurants offer kid-friendly menus with smaller portions and favorite dishes.

Stay Positive

Dining out should be a fun experience for everyone. Stay patient and positive, and be ready to handle any unexpected situations with a smile.


Finding the best kid-friendly eateries in Portland can make dining out with your family a joyful experience. From delicious food to fun atmospheres, these restaurants offer something for everyone. By choosing the right place and keeping a few tips in mind, you can ensure that every family meal out is a great one. So, go ahead and explore these top spots, and enjoy some wonderful meals with your loved ones! Visit to get the best kid-friendly restaurant reviews.

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