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Building your social media likes and followers is essential to any brand’s success. For example, by using Instagram automation tools you’re getting more audience instantly and at low cost. However, you need a good marketing plan and some automation tools to convert these likes and followers into engagement and sales. This list of the top best social media automation tools specifically for bloggers is a line-up of our favorite’s best social media automation software for marketers. 

Senderbox is an all in one social media marketing tool specifically designed to assist you manage your social accounts from one location. The unified social media management platform not only allows you to manage and plan all your content from one location but also saves you valuable time between social media streams; it automatically organizes your feeds for you. All you need to do is select which posts are to be published, add them to your auto-draft folder and publish or send them to your chosen category. You can even have the option to specify a timing limit for when a post will show up on your blog or site.

Twitter Cards is one of the most popular social media automation tools designed for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Twitter Card offers a set of four tools: import/export options, trending topics, share button and account icons. Import/ Export option allows you to import data from any RSS feed or URL or any other format readily available online. Tweeter Card has four tools to help with your marketing efforts: a share button, trending topics alert, a card creator and an account icon.

AWeber is a fully featured social media automation tool that does it all. AWeber makes managing your multiple social accounts easier than ever before. From tracking down who has viewed your latest video to following up on those who commented on your recent blog post, AWeber takes care of everything for you. AWeber comes in as a free 15-day trial offer. So if you have been looking for a solution to streamline your social media accounts and spend less time working on them, then AWeber may be a good solution for you.

The official WordPress blog platform by the WordPress team is highly functional and quite advanced for blogging purposes. It has an amazing array of plugins to automate most aspects of your blog making it easier than ever to update content and create new pages. For marketers who want to take their social media platforms to the next level, WordPress is a good option. It offers several plugins that automate the entire process of posting articles, creating pages, updating comments and more.

With the integration of Twitter’s TweetDeck and Facebook Insights, marketers have the ability to monitor their various social media platforms in real time. You can get detailed information about the traffic on your different accounts, discover what keywords are doing well and how you can optimize your pages or posts. By monitoring your feeds and seeing what keywords are getting the best results, you will have the information you need to know what strategies you should use to keep things fresh and your readers interested. Tweeter and Facebook Insights both come with free trials and once you try them out you won’t want to be without them.

Another great plugin that you should consider when using social media automation to grow your business is the SharePoint plugin. With this plugin, you can automatically schedule posts for your blog or website to be shared with your audience. When a post is published, you can choose whether you want all of your readers to see the post or just those who are connected to the social network that just posted it. The best thing about this is that you can customize how often a post is shared based on who is following you and your audience. You can also select who can see a particular post and more importantly how they should view it based on what your audience wants to see.

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