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The GameFi market is gaining immense traction in light of the waning popularity and persistent failure of top-tier console and PC titles, as well as the rising tide of mobile entertainment on smartphones. The blockchain-based gaming medium also provides an immense variety of gameplay scenarios built on entirely new gameplay concepts, such as the gamification of finance.

The merger of gaming and finance has resulted in GameFi – an entirely new breed of games that apply the Play-to-Earn concept, whereby players actually earn in-game cryptocurrencies of Non-Fungible Tokens for achievements and via trading unique assets between each other. Such an approach is a far cry from the Pay-to-Win concept applied by traditional games. Instead of being the proverbial hostages of game developers, players are now taking the reins of game content development into their hands and are, essentially, getting pay for doing it via GameFi tokens. In case, if you are interested in GameFi promotion, you need to find out the best ways and strategies.

The GameFi market offers a wide variety of games to choose from and here are some of the best GameFi tokens to look out for.


The Sandbox gaming ecosystem is a highly popular venue for players that was launched in 2020 in the form of a metaverse. Players vie for SAND tokens in the game as they build neighborhoods, buy land and real estate, and essentially develop their own world full of all kinds of items ranging from clothing and accessories to factories and entire worlds. The SAND token is traded on virtually all major exchanges and has been gaining traction in terms of price dynamics on a gradual curve thanks to the rising number of players.


Axie Infinite is an omnipresent leader in the price and popularity charts as a game with over 57 million players. The colorful graphics and fun premise allow players to delve into a fantasy world inhabited by Axies – unique creatures that players have to collect and breed. Each Axie has its own set of characteristics and can be traded with other players. Since the assets are in the form of NFTs, their uniqueness gives them value that rises with application and overall demand for such items in-game.


The MANA token of the Decentraland metaverse is a highly-coveted GameFi token that players are eager to get their hands on. Decentraland is all about creating heroes and giving them the environment they deserve. Players can create entire worlds by building structures, creating items and even interacting with other players for services, such as lessons. The MANA token is traded on all major exchanges and is needed as an in-game currency.


My Neighbor Alice is another very popular GameFi game that allows players to delve into a world of activities like fishing, beekeeping and harvesting all manner of resources to build a world of their own. The ALICE tokens are provided as rewards for achievements or as a means of interaction with other players.


GameFi tokens are a great investment not only for entertainment purposes, but also for trading. Considering the fact that GameFi games run on in-game currencies and allow players to buy and forge all manner of items using them, it is obvious that demand for them on exchanges grows with the popularity of the underlying games.

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