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As businesses are realizing that having a website is necessary for success in business the requirement for front-end developers is rapidly increasing. This is why students are looking for the Best Front End Development Course In Chennai or elsewhere. However, before you choose the right course you need to decide which framework you want to learn. This article will discuss some of the best frameworks that are available today and are being used by different companies.

React JS

It is one of the most loved javascript libraries because of how easy it makes to build interactive components with React. React does this by utilizing the virtual DOM, a representation of the current state of the whole page that is updated as the whole page changes. 

React was created by Facebook in 2013 and released under an open-source license. Since then, it has grown into a popular choice for building user interfaces with JavaScript.Knowledge about React pays out in the long run because its extension React Native could also be used to build UI for mobile applications. Since there are numerous similarities between React and React Native it’s very easy for developers to transition between the two. For the past few years React developers have been consistently in high demand since companies only have to hire one developer and that developer could take care of front-end development for both mobile and web. React jobs are also very high paying which is why to get hands-on experience with this framework many students enrol in the Front End Developer Course In Delhi or Mumbai.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a client-side JavaScript framework for building single-page applications. It is developed by Google and used extensively in its products such as Gmail, Chrome, and more recently, Angular-based mobile apps. Angular has a Model-View-Controller design pattern. This provides a clear separation of concerns between the data model and presentation layer, between business logic and the user interface, and between both.

As an open-source project Apache has adopted it as the official web framework for its projects: Hadoop MapReduce, Hadoop YARN, Spark Streaming, Storm DMP, Kafka Streams, and FlumeJava.

Vue JS

Vue.js is an efficient and progressive framework for front-end web development. The core team behind Vue is passionate about improving developer productivity and enabling them to build better UIs. 

Vue was created by Evan You, who was looking for a way to build faster, easier, and more robust apps with JavaScript, but without losing sight of the principles of progressive enhancement and accessibility.

Vue aims to be small in size (no more than 5KB minified), simple to learn, easy to use, and quick to develop. It uses components instead of templates like other frameworks such as Angular or Ember, which means that you can have multiple templates for your app instead of having one big file with all your HTML code in it. Components allow you to reuse code across multiple pages or screens in your application because you define only what you need once in the component file and then import it from anywhere else in your app through simple dependency injection (just like how you would use jQuery).


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