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Best Food You Must Try in Johor Premium Outlet, Malaysia

Johor Premium Outlets (also known as JPO) is an outlet store in Indahpura. It’s located in Kulai District of Johor Bahru. This outlet is the first in Southeast Asia to sell luxury brands. Johor Outlet Food is a must-see during your visit if you don’t know where to go.

Here’s a list of foods I recommend you try when you visit JPO.

  1. O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe

Broady Sweeney, a Dublin-based Irish lifestyle chain cafe, founded O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe in 1988. It serves healthy and wholesome hand-cut sandwiches to the local communities.

They have a few outlets in Malaysia, and they have expanded their business by opening branches around the globe. You can visit their Kontar JBCC outlet if you’re visiting Johor Bahru, or any local Johor people to try their healthy Irish sandwiches.

The Toasted Sandwiches from this restaurant are a must-try. Their signature sandwich is the super-hearty Chicken Triple Decker Toastie Sandwich. The sandwich is served at room temperature. It has been lightly toasted to make it crispy and topped with a generous amount of healthy ingredients like shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, red onion, tomatoes, and tomatoes.

Surprise! They even add chicken crips to give the sandwich an extra crispy texture. This sandwich will fill you up for the whole day.

You can make cold sandwiches using ingredients like Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Tuna & Sweet Corn or other options. Sandwiches can be customized at the sandwich counter.

O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe offers sandwiches as well as great soups, wraps, Irish snacks, and cold and hot beverages. These menus only contain the finest ingredients.

  1. Souper Tang

Are you looking for something more Oriental in flavour? Souper Tang is the place to go. It is a great place to enjoy hearty soups and healthy desserts.

Souper Tang’s spacious dining room allows for large groups of guests and family members to eat together. You can request a separate dining room in the restaurant if you need it.

The Scholar Excellent Soup is a favorite of the team. It has a delicious flavor and a generous amount of premium ingredients. The Scholar Excellent Soup broth is reminiscent of the Chinese wedding dinners. It contains a mixture of scallops and shiitake mushrooms as well as wolfberries, natural meaty chicken taste, and a variety of Chinese herbs. Even after being cooked in the soup for a long time, the chicken meat retained its tenderness and juiciness.

Their Stewed Chicken With Ginger Wine Broth is a great choice for strong flavor. This soup is rich in ginseng flavors and slightly spicy from the ginger.

Combining the Chinese-style herbs with ginger makes this dish very appealing. The chicken meat is slightly chewier than the Scholar Excellent Soup. However, these chicken meats absorb all the flavors of the herbs that were used to prepare the soup.

Souper Tang’s Caramel Ginger Beancurd is a wonderful dessert. You can eat it either cold or warm depending on your preference. The white tau fu fah bowl is soft and firm, but not too hard to cut with touches. The sweetness of the sweet caramel gives the dessert its sweet taste. The ginger adds a touch of spice to the caramel, which helps to reduce the sweetness.

  1. The Grove

The cafe’s main focus is on coconut. You will be amazed at the variety of coconut-based food and beverages that they offer. You can find desserts, main meals, and snacks.

Enjoy The Grove’s delicious chef specials, including homemade cakes and ala carte meals.

The Grove also offers a variety of desserts including the Coconut Jelly, Coconut Shakes and Honey Lemon Coconut Slushee. Their Healthy Smoothies may be a good option if you’re looking for something healthier.

The Healthy Smoothies are made from fresh fruit and are prepared on the spot. The smoothie bowl also includes fresh fruit slices, Chia Seeds, and coconut flesh, which makes it a great dessert for hot days.

  1. Liang Sandwich Bar

Jay Chou actually has a favorite sandwich bar, did you know? Liang Sandwich Bars was inspired by traditional Taiwanese onion pancakes and only uses premium ingredients to prepare their sandwich menus. Their menus use premium quality flour and non-GMO soybean oils as their main ingredients.

Their unique sandwiches are made with a wide variety of fresh ingredients, sandwiched between scallion pancakes . It is delicious, and can be eaten by itself without any sandwiched ingredients.

The scallions oil is added to the preparation of these scallion pancakes. This gives the pancakes a strong aroma that will make any foodie’s mouth water. It tastes like a Malaysian roti planta, with meat and vegetables inside.

The only problem with this sandwich is the fact that you need to eat it quickly to get the best crispy texture. This little slice of goodness pairs well with Liang Sandwich Bar’s Jay Chou Soya drink, which is hot and concentrated with a slightly sweet taste.

Every time I go to JPO, these restaurants are always packed. Highly recommend them if you plan to visit JPO.

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