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Best Finance influences to follow on Social Media

Most of us could use some better money management skills. Today with the Internet, we can have access to free knowledge which can mobilise us into making better financial decisions. The algorithm takes into account the financial expert’s reach on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but also the way their influence is reflected in other outlets.

Driving more Traffic

Josh Brown, for instance, author of Backstage Wall Street and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management takes top spot as an influencer on social media and has a high BrightScope score. This measures traffic to an advisor’s profile on the site. He is one of the most influential advisors in the industry, and research will reveal that nobody drives more traffic than he has. It appears he is known even beyond the world of the financial services industry. He uses social media to build his prominence online

Josh Brown does what other leading companies and influencers do – use Twitter and Facebook to promote their blog and gain good clients. Any advisors who want to know how they would also rank on this BrightScope website can submit their social media details. The data will be run through the algorithm and the company’s social media rank will be calculated.

Social Media is a Marketplace.

There are many wealth experts who don’t only share the financial success stories from plush offices – they take to social media to do so. Social media isn’t just a place for chit chat, it has become a marketplace too – a place where business people from all walks of life network.

Both individuals, as well as businesses, look at finance influences to guide their investment decisions.The Financial-, Banking and Insurance sectors were slow to become involved in the social media marketing fever but now they have established a solid online presence.

There are many companies active on social networking channels, but there is also a huge amount of content available online related to the financial sector. This provides people with the chance to reach out to people who provide services or products. With the correct social media network monitoring tool, you are able to discover these prospective financial influences and connect with them easily.

Social media influencers are active on social media and are followed by many followers. Knowing how to manage your finances is big business, and these influences enjoy having an influence over their followers because of their words of wisdom. Examples of these influencers are sports personalities, celebrities, artists, politicians and stock market brokers such as CMC Markets. They are considered one of the leading influencers and are able to influence their followers’ views about investing in stocks. Just recently this licensed and regulated broker was awarded Best CFD Broker at the Finance Magnates London Summit.

You Know what Your Customers Want

Knowledge of what your clients thinks of your products and services is important in this competitive market. Social media is a platform where customers also come on to posts reviews and their opinions about their dealings with a company. A brokerage or any other business for that matter is then able to understand the view and sentiments about the company. They’re then able to work at improving their existing offerings further. A good example of a stock broker is to offer information o how they deliver a superior trading platform and sophisticated technology and other services which have led to many industry awards. These sort of accolades are important indicators of the quality of the business and needs to be shared on social media

Companies today have to do everything they can to beat each other at the game of winning customers. Because of social media, social media marketing allows a business to also monitor the competition’s online activities.

Authorities on Investment Opportunities found on Social Media

When businesses are found to be active on social media, they are like an authority figure, and by putting more focus on the information they provide instead of ads, they establish themselves as an authority in the industry.

Social media is a tool which all leading stock brokers are using to access new people who are interested in investment opportunities. Social media affects every industry today and not just the financial services industry. Leading brokerages have learned the benefits of this powerful tool and incorporate it into their marketing strategy.

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