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The storage space on Android devices and SD cards is getting bigger and bigger. If you regularly save documents, music or videos, you will of course sooner or later face a lack of space and data chaos. Fortunately, good advice is anything but expensive, even for chronic storage problems, and it is often even free of charge: With a file manager, you become the master of your data again, even if they are slumbering on cloud accounts or are at home on a desktop PC.

GM FileManager

In addition to sometimes intrusive advertising, this file manager also has plenty of features on board. This includes a recycle bin, from which deleted files can be brought back to life at any time. We track down very large files (beyond 100 MB) with a special search function and a duplicate finder is also on board, both of which sometimes free up a lot of storage space. Cloud accounts from One Drive and Dropbox to Google Drive and Yandex are also supported. Data transfer between Android device and PC also works via WLAN.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Whether design, functionality or operation: Solid Explorer File Manager does it right. For file management, the app has all the relevant functions on board, while we may also customize the appearance. The tool also opens or creates archives with password protection and makes managing directory structures particularly clear with a split window view. The search function is also impressive: After indexing, the app finds files in no time.

Solid Explorer File Manager is one of the best file managers in the Play Store, but can only be used for free for two weeks.

Total Commander

Unconventional front-runner: In terms of functionality, Total Commander outshines many a competitor. All core operations like copying, moving or deleting entire directory structures are possible, drag&drop is supported and a powerful search function finds files or even words within text documents. The tool copes with archives, offers its own media player and allows users to configure control panels individually. Various plug-ins further expand the app.

The Total Commander quickly grows on demanding users: With plenty of functions and various plug-ins. However, the handling is not always beginner-friendly.

MK Explorer

An old  file manager especially for old devices: clear design, easy access to all functions and a two-window view promise effective operation with ML Explorer. The app unpacks archives like ZIP and RAR, but can only create ZIP packages itself. Because the file manager can display pictures and even play music files, we often save the detour via other apps. The providers have also integrated a text editor and root support.

This file manager mainly offers basic functions for aged devices with low resources: it has not received an update for a very long time.

ASTRO File Manager

The app ASTRO File Manager has rather modest functions, but does not miss the most important things. The explorer opens images and texts, an app manager is available and files can be copied, moved or even deleted effortlessly. The basic functions of a packer are also on board, giving us access to ZIP and TAR archives. Backups are particularly easy to create with the tool: Apps, files and documents can be stored on the SD card or in the cloud in just a few steps.

Simple operation and a few extras: In addition to the core functions, the ASTRO file manager primarily offers a sophisticated search function.

Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer comes to the Android device with a clear dashboard and thus scores a lot of points right away. In the internal and external memory, all important operations of a file manager including packer function can be executed with it. We can also access cloud storage via FTP, SMB or WebDAV. Using this app, we can also share the Android directory tree on the PC in the same WLAN with the app. An app manager is also on board, it allows for easier management of downloaded apps and files.

A particularly clear file manager with WLAN support, which separates media clearly and can help with storage shortages. Cx File Explorer app also supports 45 languages, including English.

Simple file manager

This app should convince with manageable extras especially those users who do not want long function lists, remote access or overloaded displays. The app is capable of all common file operations effortlessly, even small extras like (un)packing ZIP archives, opening text files directly in the app or hiding folders or individual files are possible with it. The app can also be locked with the help of the fingerprint sensor.

A simple file manager that gets by with few extras. However, the app scores so with a good overview and intuitive handling.

Mi File Manager

With an image preview, a chic design and a clear structure, managing files with this file manager is child’s play. The app separates file types sensibly, keeps recently edited documents in DeepL access and a cleaner is also on board: It removes the browsing history, cleans the app cache and deletes empty folders. We can send files to other devices via NFC and a connection to network resources is also supported – but both require the installation of a free plug-in.

This particularly comprehensive file manager convinces with good ideas, strong layout and intuitive operation.


File manager and cleaner in one: In the internal memory or on de SD card we provide with this tool back to order, especially helps the sophisticated sorting function. Chromecast is also supported for local media playback, we can open documents like TXT or HTML with it, and an extra cleaning function removes WhatsApp and Telegram media. The app can also be locked, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing the system tool.

With Junk Cleaner and the typical operations of a file manager, we have the internal and external memory on the Android device safely under control with this app. Unfortunately, the tool regularly pushes advertisements onto our eyes.

Because the Play Store is teeming with well-equipped – but also pretty miserable – file managers, we took a closer look at the best representatives of this category. In our best list, you will find a versatile selection that should offer something for everyone. Whether you are an amateur user or a power user: If you are looking for simple and clear operation, or are already satisfied with the core functions, you will be served here just as well as those who want to access additional devices in the WLAN or in the cloud with extended functions. Those who work with file archives, want to free their own picture gallery from duplicates, or who often work on shared files with colleagues will also find what they are looking for here. A small drawback: Only a few Android file managers are also available in an iOS version for the iPhone.

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