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Best Dog Products to Promote as an Affiliate

As an affiliate marketer in the pet industry, there are a plethora of dog products that you can promote that can earn you a passive income that leaves you with a very big smile. 

However, to make the most out of these programs, it is important to identify unique products that are in high demand while also looking for affiliate programs that offer strong commission rates. 

Pet products, especially ones for our dogs, can be in many shapes and sizes. In fact, you might be surprised to find that you can have a lot of success promoting the staples in the pet industry thanks to many having highly sought after twists. 

Here are some of the best dog products to promote as an affiliate.


Incredibly popular while coming in a seemingly endless list of variations, pet CBDs are one of the first products you should look in when looking for a pet affiliate program

From soft CBD chews for older and smaller dogs to CBD peanut butter for picky eaters, the only thing that beats the range of products CBD comes in is the range of health issues it can help out with. Anxiety, inflammation, pain, digestion, and more, CBD can help our dogs with health problems they commonly see. 

Dog-Formulated Shampoos

Our dogs can get pretty smelly fast, making bathing with shampoo a necessity for all dogs. 

Unlike your past dog owner, the modern dog owner understands the importance of using dog-formulated shampoo for them. 

On average, our skin is 100 times more acidic than our dogs. That’s why shampoos designed for us can quickly dry out and irritate a dog’s skin and coat. 

But great grooming products designed for our dogs don’t stop there. Other great grooming items to look into include ear cleaner that penetrates deep, oral gels that make teeth cleaning easy, and natural pest control for safely eliminating fleas, ticks, and other parasites. 

Daily Use Supplements

From probiotics aids that support our dogs’ gut health to mobility aids that keep them spry well into their senior years, daily wellness supplements are all the rage. Just like humans, dogs need supplements to maintain their health. 

Common dog supplements you can promote include supplements for joint health, digestive health, immune system support, mental calmness, and skin and coat support. 

Dog Treats

Modern dog treats barely resemble the dog treats of the past with their high nutritional value and exceptional quality ingredients. 

The best thing about dog treats is their malleability, which lets them suit a lot of walks of life, giving you a big audience to capture. From CBD-infused dog treats for pet parents interested in alternative medicines to simple single-ingredient freeze-dried for the working dog that needs extra protein without any fluff. 

Dog Food

As you’ve seen, awareness and concern over pet nutrition have reached an all-time high. And dog food is often the logical place many pet parents first look to when seeking to better support their dogs’ health.

Just like our dogs, dog food comes in many shapes and sizes, giving you a fantastic range of products to promote without having to significantly change how you promote them. 

You can promote premium dog food brands, organic dog food, and even breed-specific dog food. The homemade doggy diet has been a growing trend for a while, but many things from bacteria concerns to accurate nutritional values have held it back. 

But that is quickly becoming a thing of the past thanks to a variety of new and exciting options popping up. 

Dog Training And Boarding

There are more dog owners than ever before, and the pandemic has only brought even more pet owners — many who aren’t familiar with the ends and outs of training a dog. 

Add on top that many of us are going back into the office or taking the opportunity to travel farther, and you have a lot of dogs that require third-party support outside the household. 

Even when you’re experienced in raising and training a dog, training a dog takes time and effort. This means pet parents are always on the lookout for products that make the process easier.

You can promote dog training collars, clickers, and even training treats, along with businesses that train and/or offer boarding. 

Final Thoughts

When looking for dog products to promote as an affiliate, you should always consider the products’ quality, the brand’s popularity, and their competition, the commission rates and other bonuses they offer, demand for the products they sell, and advertising material they provide to make promoting even easier. 

By promoting high-quality products that are in demand, you can increase your chances of making more sales and earning higher commissions. 

When you take the time to put the up-front work into an affiliate program, you can quickly turn it into a revenue source that doesn’t require much time, essentially making it a source of passive income. 

Not only that, joining an affiliate program is a great and easy way to market and grow your audience by connecting you to a brand; nabbing you folks that would have never found you if you hadn’t.

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