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Digihandler Academy in Rohtak is a best digital marketing institute in rohtak for those who are looking to excel in digital marketing. The academy is founded by Lovish Madan, who has been running digital marketing agency in rohtak,delhi & gurgaon from the past 7 years now, Digihandler Academy is dedicated to providing quality education in digital marketing and the academy offers a comprehensive range of courses with 60+ Modules (Including AI) covering everything from SEO with variety of social media marketing to content creation and web designing, video editing & many more.

Students can learn from industry experts who bring practical, real-world experience to the classroom, and the academy emphasizes 100% practical training through hands-on experiences and with unlimited backup classes the academy makes the USP which no one is providing in the area.

Digihandler Academy provides an affordable digital marketing course so students who want to skill up or learn digital marketing & have some money issues can definitely join Digihandler Academy as there is no institute who is currently offering the course at such an affordable price in rohtak. 

The graduates can pursue various career paths through digital marketing, such as Digital Marketing Specialists, Social Media Managers, SEO Specialists etc., with a dedicated team of over 30+ members, the academy ensures that the students are well prepared to succeed in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Why choose Digihandler Academy?

Digihandler Academy isn’t just another educational institution as it is a institute for student success and professional growth which is a commitment to excellence in digital marketing education and here are the following some reasons why Digihandler Academy stands out as a top choice for aspiring digital marketers:

  • Beginnings as a leading Agency : Before turning to education, Digihandler was a popular digital marketing agency and with this background has provided the classroom with real-world insights and proven strategies delivered directly to students.
  • Commitment to Quality Education: Unlike many organizations, the Digihandler Academy was not founded with profit as its primary motivation and instead, it was set up to bridge the gap in quality digital marketing education, ensuring that every student receives the best possible training and support.
  • Selected Support: Every aspect of Learning Management is designed to ensure student success and with the small class sizes to ensure individual attention to supportive learning and flexible scheduling, everything is tailored to meet student needs.
  • Practical experience: Digihandler focuses on the roots, giving students hands-on experience in handling real-world digital marketing campaigns and allowing them to gain practical and confidence levels in their skills.
  • Professional networking: Expert meetings and networking opportunities with the meetings with industry experts and access to professional networks provide valuable insight into the industry, and offer students access to mentoring and career opportunities.

Choosing Digihandler Academy means choosing a place that prioritizes your education, prepares you for real challenges, and supports your journey.

Courses Offered at Digihandler Academy – Best Digital Marketing Course in Rohtak

1st floor, Raghuraj Fashion opp W store near, Main, Delhi Rd, opp. Pantaloons, Rohtak, Haryana 124001

Course Duration and Fees Structure 

Course Details
Total Course Duration Total Fee Bonus Tools
4 Months (3 Months + 1 Month Extra) ₹35,000 INR ( with LMS) Included (SEO tools, etc.)
45 Days  – Basic Digital Marketing Course ₹15,000 INR (Without LMS) No


Key Features:

  • Support and Backup Course: They offer additional support throughout the course.
  • Practical learning: They provide hands-on and real-life research.
  • Experienced instructors: The courses taught by industry professionals with extensive experience.
  • Advanced learning: Access to the Digihandler Academy app with learning tools and resources.
  • By enrolling in the Digihandler Academy, students can expect the best course to receive a practical, comprehensive education in digital marketing, preparing them for a successful career in the digital world.

Certifications and Benefits from the Course by Digihandler Academy

After completing the Digital Marketing Course from Digihandler Academy, you can get access to following benefits:

  • Certification: You will get government certification in digital marketing by Startup India Scheme through Digihandler Academy.
  • Practical skills: The academy offers hands-on experience in real-life projects and case studies.
  • Career opportunities: You will have free access to various career paths such as SEO specialist, social media manager, and many more.
  • Industry Knowledge: In-depth understanding of the latest digital marketing practices and strategies.
  • Networking: The academy offers networking with industry professionals and fellow students.
  • Support: Ongoing support from the Digihandler team for business guidance and in-service support in future after completing the course.

Founder of Digihandler Academy – Digital Marketing Institute in Rohtak

lovish madaan - seo expert in Rohtak

Digihandler Academy and Digihandler agency was founded by Lovish Madan, who has been the CEO of the Digihandler Academy in Rohtak. His understanding & determination has created a strong organization that not only imparts knowledge but brings back professionalism and the course boasts a dynamic team of 30+ members, with exceptional talent and enthusiasm. Together they see an empowering environment for marketers who want to succeed in the marketing field.

Social Media Accounts of Founder of the Digihandler Academy- Lovish Madaan
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Digihandler Academy – Best Digital Marketing Institute’s App (Download Now)

 Only Training Center in Rohtak Providing this facility.

The Digihandler Academy app is designed to develop the digital skills needed in today’s fast-paced world and if you’re trying to hone your skills in digital marketing this newly launched app offers advanced courses designed to meet learning needs and with an expert-led lessons, hands-on activities and practical insights, 

Digihandler Academy app empowers students to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving digital landscape and start unlocking your potential and pave the way for a successful career in Marketing

It is designed to make digital literacy easier and user-friendly features enhance your learning experience, keeping you organized, informed and engaged at every step of the way.

Features of Digihandler Academy App

  • Study Catalogue: Use the Study Catalog feature to access all your textbooks in one place and the  app organizes content by subject, module, and topic, making it easy to find.
  • Live Chat: The live chat feature lets you communicate directly with instructors and peers, creating a collaborative learning environment.
  • Online tests: Check your progress with the online tests in the app and the tests are designed to check your understanding of the course material in a variety of questions.
  • Online assignments: Submit and manage your assignments efficiently on the Web site and with the tool allows you to continue your work directly through the app, track deadlines, get feedback from teachers, simplify the assignment, and help you plan
  • Notifications: Get notifications of the latest news through the notifications feature and the app sends notifications of upcoming events, new courses, and other relevant information.
Digihandler App Link

Who can Join the Digital Marketing Course in Rohtak by Digihandler Academy?

The following key eligibility for the people who is looking for digital marketing course is given below;

    • Students: Those who are going to or have completed their higher education want to start a career in digital marketing.
    • Professionals : Working individuals looking to upgrade their skills or shift their careers to digital marketing.
    • Entrepreneurs: Business owners aiming to improve their online operations and marketing strategy.
  • Housewives- The digital marketing would be a great skill for housewives, as it has a variety of benefits.
  • Freelancers: Individuals who want to provide digital marketing services to clients.
  • Career switchers: People looking to transition from their current job to the dynamic of digital marketing.
  • Marketing Enthusiast: Anyone interested in learning and staying abreast of the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.

Scope of Career after Digital Marketing?

At Digihandler Academy, the trust is not just imparting education but additionally fostering professional possibilities for all the college students and her are the following are some of the process or profession opportunities to be had at Digihandler Academy:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Graduates of our virtual advertising publications are nicely-geared up to pursue careers as digital advertising experts and implementing strategies to beautify logo visibility and pressure business boom.


  • Social Media Manager: With knowledge in social media optimization won from our courses, students can pursue roles as social media managers and implement social media techniques to construct emblem consciousness and engage with the target audience.


  • Search engine marketing Specialist: Our publications cowl seo (search engine marketing) strategies comprehensively, and put into effect stale-page search engine optimization strategies to improve internet site ratings and visibility.


  • Content Marketer: Students with a passion for content introduction and control can pursue careers and can create and distribute valuable content throughout numerous platforms, such as blogs, and social media, to attract and engage the target market.


  • PPC Specialist: Those interested in pay-consistent with-click (PPC) advertising can explore opportunities as PPC professionals and examine marketing campaign performance to maximise ROI for groups.


  • Digital Marketing Analyst: Graduates can paint as virtual advertising and marketing analysts, leveraging and can offer treasured pointers to optimize advertising techniques and achieve commercial enterprise targets.


  • Freelance Digital Marketer: Students can select to work as freelance digital entrepreneurs, supplying their offerings to clients across industries and in which include search engine optimization, social media advertising, content material advent, and greater.


  • Entrepreneur: Armed with digital marketing talents received from our guides, students also can explore entrepreneurship and put in force powerful advertising and marketing techniques for themselves and their clients.

At Digihandler Academy, they not only effectively prepare college students for task roles, but also empower them to create their very own professional paths inside the dynamic field of virtual advertising.

Social Media Accounts of Digihandler 

Stay up to date with Digihandler Academy’s course updates, and digital advertising and marketing pointers by following the academy on social media and get engaged with the academy content material daily.

Social Media Accounts of Digihandler 
Instagram( Academy)

Contact Details of Digihandler Academy

Contact Details of Digihandler Academy
Phone Number 9991729730, 7988253046
Email Address 
Office Address Digihandler Academy – Digital Marketing Institute in Rohtak

1st floor, Raghuraj Fashion opp W store near, Main, Delhi Rd, opp. Pantaloons, Rohtak, Haryana 124001

Social Media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (Links shared above)


Testimonial of Students at Digihandler Academy

The following is the Google reviews from students of Digihandler Academy where highlighting their stories and journey from the Digihandler Academy in Rohtak:

  • Vimlesh: Vimlesh finished the Advanced Digital Marketing path and describes his experience as exceptional and the notes that the academy makes a profession in digital advertising reachable, praising the affordability of the course with instalment options which is very pocket friendly.


  • Ronak: Ronak recommends Digihandler Academy for the ones looking to begin a career in Digital Marketing and she highlights the first-rate of training, the equipment supplied, and the supportive backup periods led by Lovish sir and his group.


  • Rahul: Rahul reveals Digihandler to be one of the great Digital Marketing institutes in Rohtak which commends Lovish for his robust hold over search engine optimization fundamentals.


  • Arnav Madaan: Arnav had a high-quality learning experience at Digihandler, recommending it to everybody trying to analyze virtual advertising in Rohtak. He praises the running shoes’ excessive degree of revel in.


  • Neeru Thukral: A student was placed in an MNC with a 4L in keeping with the annum package. She exceedingly recommends the academy for its top-notch job placement support.


  • Nisha: Nisha appreciates the coaching quality at Digihandler, noting her excellent experience and recommending the academy to those aiming for a profession in digital advertising & internet marketing.


Digihandler Academy is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Rohtak. With professional mentors, a comprehensive curriculum, and fingers-on studying, college students benefit from the talents they have to excel inside the digital marketing field which is providing the best digital marketing course in rohtak. 

The academy’s bendy class timings, low priced charges, and strong career help make it on hand and treasured for absolutely everyone, from college students to specialists. If you are seeking to construct a successful profession in virtual advertising and digital marketing, Digihandler Academy in Rohtak is the best place to begin your journey.

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