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Manish Chauhan- Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Manish Chauhan, a digital marketing consultant in India, isn’t just a business owner. He’s a forward- a lot in digital marketing and education. Manish Chauhan started his entrepreneurial journey in 2013, and over the past 11+ years, He has a lot of experience in various aspects of digital marketing. Specializing in Website Development, E-commerce Marketing, Advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), ORM (Online Reputation Management), PR (Public Relations), Email Marketing, and Growth Hacking for building Brands. Currently serving Digital Marketing Services at & trainer at PIMS (Professional Institute of Marketing and Strategies), his journey is a testament to the power of ambition, collaboration, and dedication.

It started in January 2013 when Manish Chauhan met Durgesh Mishra at a startup event in Gurugram. Both fresh out of college, they shared a passion for digital innovation and decided to start on a journey together. This marked the inception of Panache Softech, a venture aimed at providing specialized digital marketing services to startups, businesses, and individual projects.

Panache Softech grew fast, providing different services like Hikemytraffic, which helps with online marketing, Digitalaka, which does email marketing, and PIMS, a place to learn about digital marketing. With a focus on quality and innovation, Panache Softech grew to become a team.

Manish Chauhan and his team did well. They made millions of money in the year 2019. They did this by working hard for their clients. Many clients kept coming back to them, which helped them earn more money. They are known for doing great work and helping their clients grow.

Manish Chauhan and his team care about education and helping others succeed. They have established collaborations with over 50+ colleges and universities, where they conduct seminars and workshops to educate students about the opportunities in digital marketing. To date, they have trained over 25000+ students through both offline and online channels.

Manish Chauhan plans to add more courses so that more young professionals can learn and meet the needs of the industry. With a focus on providing practical skills and real-world experience, PIMS aims to bridge the gap between education and employment. 

Life Lessons from Manish Chauhan

After being the CEO of Panache Softech Pvt Ltd for 11 years and conducting over 15,000 training sessions through PIMS – A Digital Marketing Institute, as well as helping 5,000+ international clients with Hikemytraffic – A Digital Marketing Agency, Manish Chauhan has some valuable lessons for new entrepreneurs. He recently shared these insights on LinkedIn. Here’s a simple summary of what he wants to tell new business owners.

  1. What matters most is how you do something, not just the idea.
  2. It’s okay to start small, but be ready for growth if you have the knowledge, money, and mindset. Starting a business when you’re 35 with a family can be tough.
  3. Take risks, but think before you act.
  4. Being patient and never giving up are important for long-term success.
  5. Technology changes fast, so plan for the next five years.
  6. Money isn’t everything, but it can help with many problems.
  7. Get ready for hard times by planning your finances well, especially during uncertain times like a pandemic.
  8. Focus on making money and being profitable rather than just on how much your business is worth.
  9. Remember, your job is just one part of the world, not the most important.
  10. No one succeeds alone. There’s always a team of people helping you, like family, friends, and colleagues.
  11. Think globally; consider the whole world, not just your backyard.
  12. Surround yourself with people who support you.
  13. Keep learning new things; it’s valuable for your whole life.

In conclusion, Manish Chauhan’s journey is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship, collaboration, and education. Through his ventures, he has made a mark in the digital marketing industry and empowered thousands of young professionals to pursue their dreams. As Manish Chauhan keeps coming up with new ideas and motivating others, he shows us all what can happen when you follow your dreams with hard work and dedication.

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