Best Data Recovery Software

Best Data Recovery Software

Data loss is unexpected and happens due to numerous reasons like accidental deletion, formatting or misplaced files, and more. To mitigate data loss, we use external drives, cloud storage, etc., to create multiple data backup copies.

As data backups are also susceptible to data loss, this creates a slim uncertainty for our data. This is where professional data recovery software come into the picture, as they help us recover lost files easily while being reliable, adaptable, and cost-effective.

Listed below are some of the many factors that lead to data loss –

  • Hardware failure
  • Accidental deletion
  • Formatting
  • Corruption
  • Virus infection
  • Frequent System crashes
  • Unbootable computer
  • Unexpected power cuts

How to Choose the Right Data Recovery Software?

The availability of a wide range of data recovery software overwhelms and confuses the users. There are certain factors in play that help you select the right data recovery software according to your requirements.

Here are the factors that help you select the right data recovery software –

  • Reliability
  • Features
  • UI
  • Data recovery performance
  • User reviews
  • Pricing

Top Data Recovery Software

To save you from doing the heavy lifting, we have narrowed down the eight best data recovery software that you can use to recover your lost or missing files.

1. Stellar Data Recovery Professional

Available for both Windows and MacOS, Stellar Data Recovery Professional is an advanced and powerful data recovery software that checks most of the boxes regarding usability, reliability, and affordability. From the house of Stellar, this feature-rich software combines data recovery functionality with its capable algorithms that are capable of handling various data loss scenarios such as accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, logical errors, and more.

This software supports a variety of data storage devices like HDDs, SSDs, Pendrives, SD cards, Optical discs, etc., along with an evergrowing list of file types. Furthermore, this professional software also supports BitLocker encrypted drive recovery, e-mail database recovery, partition recovery, RAW recovery, and more.

Finally, Stellar Data Recovery Professional also allows users to create a media creation tool for recovering data from unbootable, crashed, or freezing computers. Together, these features make this software an all-around tool for individuals and small businesses.

Pros Cons
Clean and Simple UI Deep scanning can feel sluggish due to large data pools
Supports a wide range of devices like HDDs, SSDs, Flash drives, CD/DVD, etc. Doesn’t support ReFS
Support recovery of various file types such as .xlxs, .pdf, .pptx, etc.
Allows selective file recovery
File Preview functionality
Recovers from BitLocker encrypted drives
Supports lost or inaccessible partition recovery
Supports recovery from unbootable or crashed computers
Supports RAW drive recovery
Compatible with Windows and MacOS
24×5 technical support


Stellar Data Recovery Professional $89.99 (Annual)

2. Disk Drill Pro

Disk Drill Pro by Cleverfiles is another great data recovery software that is powerful and easy to use. It comes with numerous features and supports recovery of almost all file types. It has a simple UI that enables even inexperienced users to easily perform data recovery. However, it offers average speeds during recovery and provides limited support for Linux-based computers.

Pros Cons
Feature-rich The Free version supports only 500MB of data recovery
Lifetime License Average scan speeds
Supports a wide range of devices and file formats Limited support for Linux file systems
Intuitive UI A bit pricey
In-built tutorials

Pricing –

Basic Free
Pro $89 (Annual) / $118 (Lifetime)
Enterprise $499 (Annual) / $598 (Lifetime)

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is another popular data recovery software among users. It manages to retrieve lost or deleted data from a computer without much hassle. However, the software has certain inconsistencies, like inaccurate remaining scan time and the presence of unrecoverable files along with the recoverable files, which can confuse novice users. Finally, the free version software only allows users to preview files up to 100MB in size.

EaseUS software has two editions – Free and Pro. Pro has three modes of subscription – Monthly, Annually & Lifetime. EaseUS also provides a software bundle that contains data recovery software for both Windows and Mac.

Pros Cons
User-friendly UI Displays unrecoverable files with recoverable files
Supports 1000+ file formats Inaccurate remaining time
Allows users to filter deleted files Shows preview of files smaller than 100 MB

Pricing –

Monthly $69.95
Annual $99.95
Lifetime Upgrades $149.95
Data recovery for Windows + Mac Bundle $153.93 (Annual) / $223.93 (Lifetime Upgrades)

4. Recuva

Recuva by CCleaner is a pocket-friendly data recovery software that is available as Free and Pro editions. Like every other software in this list, it allows users to recover their lost files, photos, documents, and more. It also supports music recovery from MP3 player, thereby safeguarding your songs from getting lost forever.

While the Free edition only supports file recovery, the Pro version adds useful features such as virtual hard drive support, priority support, etc.

Pros Cons
Pocket-friendly Limited file recovery capabilities
Preview screen Interface feels dated
Free version available Limited capabilities in the Free edition

Pricing –

Pro $24.95

5. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Minitool is a well-known data recovery software in the market. The MiniTool Power Data Recovery software is a practical data recovery solution for users who are looking to recover their deleted or lost files. They have a long list of versions to choose from. Hence, customers with different needs can easily find the perfect version. MiniTool Power Data Recovery caters to both individuals and enterprises.

Pros Cons
Clean UI No file repair functionality
A wide range of versions to choose from

Pricing –

Personal Annual (Windows) $89.99
Professional (Mac) $89 (Annual) / $149 (Lifetime)

6. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional

Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional is an easy-to-use software that lets users recover data from various storage devices such as HDDs, SSDs, Flash drives, and more. It supports a long list of file types that it can recover without any hassle. Along with its data recovery features, it comes bundled with a drive health checkup tool, which allows users to monitor the health, SMART status, and other metrics related to the storage drive.

Pros Cons
Powerful software Missing some useful features
Easy file sorting
Available for both Windows and Mac computers

Pricing –

Professional $99.99 (Annual)

7. AnyRecover

AnyRecover is a comprehensive data recovery software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. AnyRecover can perform data recovery in around 500 data loss scenarios. It can also handle about 2000 file types and various storage devices to recover from. So, if you are a power user requiring one software that covers various OS and devices, this is for you.

Pros Cons
Comprehensive software File preview supports limited file types
Lots of features
Available for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Pricing –

Monthly $59.99
Yearly $79.99
Lifetime $99.99

8. DMDE Professional

DMDE Professional or DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery software is a vast and feature-rich software that allows you to do more than recover lost files. It comes with in-built tools & features like disk clone, disk editor, RAID constructor, and more, which can be used for various purposes. DMDE Professional is available with two license types – 1-OS and Multi-OS.

Pros Cons
Low-level disk editing Complicated and dated interface
Lots of in-built tools
Available as 1-OS and Multi-OS

Pricing –

DMDE Professional (1-OS) $95
DMDE Professional (Multi-OS) $133

Which Data Recovery Software is the Best for Me?

With so many options of data recovery software to choose from, it becomes challenging to make the right choice. However, the list above contains some of the best software we selected for our review. The post above also sheds light on their pros and cons, which will help you make an informed decision.


It is very crucial to make an informed decision while looking for the best data recovery software. Hence, choosing the right software for the right situation becomes an utmost task.

In the above article, we discussed some important factors that will help you select the right data recovery software for your needs. We then drew a comparison between the best eight data recovery software based on their features, usability, and pricing for you to have a better understanding of them.

While performing data recovery, we all want a file recovery software that is effective, efficient and fast. For this, our take is to go with Stellar Data Recovery Professional. Even though the deep scans feel a bit sluggish, its extensive support for numerous devices and file types and effectiveness make it a perfect go-to data recovery software.

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