Best Crypto to Buy Now: Diversify Your Portfolio in March 2023


March 2023 is an excellent time for crypto fans to diversify their portfolio holdings, with crypto market conditions continuing to ease but prices remaining low enough for savvy investors to find plenty of value and excellent potential returns.

One of the most exciting opportunities is the new play-to-earn (P2E) mobile gaming platform Meta Masters Guild, which recently completed its presale, having raised $4.97 million before listing on exchanges on 1st March. Here’s why this exciting new token should be part of any new crypto investment portfolio in March 2023.

Meta Masters Guild wants to be king of mobile P2E gaming

Meta Masters Guild is a platform targeting the mobile P2E gaming space, meaning that production costs are significantly lower than those in the traditional console and PC gaming space. Access to the ecosystem will be gained through the native MEMAG token, with rewards paid to gamers in the same currency.

The platform has already onboarded its first game studio, Gamearound, with the production of its first title, a racing game Meta Kart Racers, in an advanced stage. Gamearound has plenty of blockchain gaming experience under its belt, having developed games for companies, including the online fashion giant Boohoo.

Meta Kart will have two playing options; free-to-play and P2E. Gamers can select the driver, kart, and course of their choice and compete against other players to earn gems and rare NFTs. Gems and MEMAG tokens can be used as a medium of exchange to buy and upgrade drivers and karts in the Mega Masters Guild Store.

In addition to Meta Kart, Meta Masters Guild has two other games currently in the concept phase. Meta Masters World is a mobile-based metaverse game that employs build, conquest, and exploration features, while the third game in the design phase is Raid NFT.

Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild – Buy token right NOW

What is Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is a brand-new gaming platform that aims to make blockchain gaming accessible to the masses by focusing on mobile gaming rather than requiring gamers to have VR capability or sit behind their PCs. They plan to introduce a whole new audience to the exciting world of GameFi by providing a compelling and rich gameplay experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Unlike many other GameFi titles where users have to focus on a single title or gameplay experience to gain rewards, Meta Masters Guild’s strength lies in its multi-game platform that will develop and build an ever-growing library of exciting and addictive titles for gamers to experience.

The seven stages of the MEMAG presale sold out, with the final price ending at $0.023, leading to a paper yield of a whopping 228% for the earliest investors who bought their tokens in the beta phase. The hard project cap of $4.97 million raised through the presale will aid the development of the first tranche of games on the platform, as Meta Masters Guild aims to shoot for the moon and play a massive part in the crypto gaming revolution.

How does MEMAG work?

The native MEMAG token underpins everything on the platform, from being the currency of exchange for all transactions within Meta Masters Guild to being the currency of rewards gained by gamers. It provides the stimulus for a genuinely decentralized gaming experience that remains faithful to the guiding principle of decentralized gaming apps by placing powers in the hands of those that matter most, the gamers.

The result will be one of the most sustainable P2E gaming communities in Web3 as they attract partnerships with more game studios and independent developers who aim to place the gamer at the center of the gaming experience. Rewards and the ability to trade in-game assets will be an essential facet of all titles on Meta Masters Guild, fuelled by the MEMAG token but not at the detriment of the most essential part of all, the compelling and exciting gameplay.

Why you should make MEMAG part of your March investment

With presale investors claiming their tokens, the remaining supply is now available for investors to purchase via DEXs. With the crypto gaming space expected to see colossal growth in the next five years, Meta Masters Guild looks to have entered the market at the right time to take advantage of the growing interest in GameFi coins.

Their focus on the mobile market and plans to include a vast array of free-to-play and P2E games could send MEMAG stratospheric in the coming months and years as the scramble for tokens among crypto gaming fans intensifies. This makes MEMAG, currently priced at  0.010176 $, a must-buy in March 2023 for anyone seeking excellent returns on their diversified portfolio.

Meta Masters Guild – Buy token right NOW

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