Best Crypto Telegram Groups with a free subscription

Why do more and more people prefer converting their money into tokens? The main reason is the investment opportunity. The best example is bitcoin – the price of this token has been increased dramatically during the past years. Other companies decided to start their own business and released tokens as well. These digital coins can be bought or gained through mining.

In any case, an investor can’t and wouldn’t buy any token that is released by an unknown company – the number of start-ups is shocking. It is much better to learn how to distinguish potentially profitable projects from a scam. But it is very difficult and that is why it is better to join an investor community where you can discuss or have a list of reliable companies.

More and more users and members of crypto-oriented companies choose telegram as a main source of information. How to find the best groups? We have already gathered some channels from the ICOSpeaks investor community. This social media provides information about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. You can also order promotion services for the project to find more clients or investors.

5 crypto groups – subscribing is free!

Let’s take a look at some groups and channels with big subscriber counts. Most of them serve as news providers. All of them can be used to promote the project or to find an investor. Let’s see the list and short description:

  • ICOSpeaksNews. This is your standard news provider. The posts are made professionally. Here you will be able to find news and information about new tokens that have been released recently. It is better to turn on the notifications if you really want to have all the needed info about the events that are happening in the world of cryptocurrency. This group is the ideal variant for those who are starting to find out about blockchain technologies and newly created companies.
  • DeFi Million. The finance sphere is constantly evolving, and new methods of payment come to the arena. It is relatively early to proclaim the decentralized finance sphere irreplaceable, but eventually, the advantages of this system will do the work. DeFi technology will provide privacy and transaction speed. Also, it would help protect the data. If you want to know more about Decentralized finances, join this group.
  • IEOPools. This channel functions as the first channel in the list. Any investor knows that it is better to have as many news providers as it is possible. Here you can also find some info about signals and airdrops which are good for traders and investors. Do not forget that you can advertise your project – contact admins to find out more about the procedure and prices. Who knows, maybe you will be able to attract the attention of the investor.
  • BTC Champ. How to exchange bitcoin without commission? This group automatically answers this question. The conversion process of BTC tokens is usually relatively complex not to mention the fact that some sites are completely unreliable. Here you can exchange from 100 to 10000 USD in one transaction. And you can also read news and advertisements of other companies – maybe you would want to buy tokens or invest.
  • ICO Speaks. This is some kind of a group where all members can chat and express their point of view in any way they want. We remind you that the subscription is free and you can make one click and write a message to advertise a project or discuss any topic you like as long as it is about cryptocurrency or blockchain.

Feel free to subscribe to any of the abovementioned channels. Do not forget about the opportunity to advertise your start-up.

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