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Who would have thought that after all the names that people tagged Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies some eleven years ago, the same “Ponzi scheme” will be one of the greatest inventions known to mankind? Today, there are more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies and billions of crypto traders and Users around the world. In fact, there is virtually no nation in the world that cryptocurrency has not successfully permeated, although some more than others. But regardless of the extent to which cryptocurrency is accepted where you are, there is certainly no denying the potency of this revolutionary invention in the world today. 

With more people daily embracing the new and improved world of the financial market today, there is fierce competition among different companies. No, there are more cryptocurrency companies than ever, each one looking to expose crypto enthusiasts to their projects. Even with more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies in the world today, there are many more projects in the works. As a result, crypto marketing agencies have sprung up to provide cryptocurrency companies with the perfect outlets through which they can reach their community and enhance the credibility of their new projects.

Benefits of Crypto Marketing Agency

But why a Crypto marketing agency? Well, think of it this way, you know how there are different companies producing phones, right? As durable, efficient, fanciful, and great each company’s phone is, there is still a need for a bit of marketing. But what is that? This is because that industry is constantly evolving, there are many new phones and gadgets that other companies are putting out that will definitely entice people. Therefore, the essence of advertising and marketing is to stay ahead of the competition. In the same vein, there is stiff competition in the phone industry, so in the Cryptocurrency world. 

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency companies that are offering the same kind of projects and so each company is vying for the top spot and looking to gain as many people as possible through their offerings. Although the quality of the cryptocurrency project determines a whole lot, the crypto marketing agency is also a key factor in the success of any cryptocurrency project.  

For the best crypto marketing agencies, creating awareness is not only their primary goal, but understanding each platform that they are using to promote an ICO, IEO, or any other crypto project. For example, one thing that many crypto marketing agencies do not understand is how to navigate the different platforms. For example, the kind of message or the way you pass the information on social media differs for each platform. On Twitter, you can not use the same style you used for Instagram, hence, diversification of messages to promote your crypto project is necessary. Therefore, you need to have the best crypto marketing agency handling the crypto project you want the community to get acquainted with. 

So, the pertinent question to ask yourself if you are looking to promote your crypto project will be, how do I know what crypto marketing agency is great for me in 2022? 

Before we proceed, it is important for you to understand that there are numerous crypto marketing agencies around, and many of them will pose and tag themselves ad the best. However, for you to know which crypto marketing agency is great for you, there are some indicators that you can use to tell if you are on the right path. 

Targeted Investors

The best crypto marketing agency for you will promote your project to your desired audience. Imagine spending so much money and you are only getting people that are not entirely interested in your project. This is why Crypto marketing agencies like ICO SPEAKS is one of the best in promoting the crypto project. This is because the agency ensures that your project meets its target investors so that you grow in the community and become an authority in that Crypto space. Targeted promotion is one of the features that set any crypto marketing agency apart from the rest. You can be sure that your project will get noticed by the people that you have always targeted when you started your project. 

Prime visibility

Still on ICO SPEAKS, the crypto marketing agency offers a premium feature where the crypto project is always on the top of the browse list in front of crypto enthusiasts and users. Imagine having your crypto project trending on different social media platforms. ICO SPEAKS can ensure that your project will be the most talked-about Crypto project whether, on Twitter, Telegram as the agency has a wide following on different platforms. 

Unique Promotion

ICO SPEAKS offers a unique blend of publicity that your crypto project can ride on for months. For example, ICO SPEAKS as an agency has different Telegram groups that have a wide range of subscribers and members. These channels and groups are great for AMA sessions, in fact, ICO SPEAKS has hosted more than 20 AMA sessions where top investors and over 70,000 crypto users have been able to talk about your project and ask pertinent questions where you can give them first-hand credible information. Here are the channels:

  • @defimillion
  •  @ICOspeaksNews 
  • @ieopools 
  • @btcchamp 
  • @bitcointraffic 
  • @cryptoevolution 
  • @ICOspeaks 
  • @ICOlisting

Each of these channels provides up-to-the-minute information on all things Cryptocurrency, with your project being at the top of all discussions.

Get a full list of channels on or

Varied Marketing Options

If anything should get you excited, then it just might be this one. There are different cryptocurrency companies as we have established. Some of these companies have been in existence for more than others and yours might just be coming into the market. As a result, there are different marketing options depending on your budget and the objectives that you need to achieve on ICO SPEAKS. so whether you are looking for regular telegram posts, press release packages, or social media. 


It is best to comb through the website of the crypto marketing agency that you intend to use to see how your objectives fit into what they are offering. 

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