Best CDN Network in Asia and Japan

Digitalization has created an attainable global economy for businesses of all sizes. However, one of the most significant issues for companies dealing with large datasets and delivering content worldwide is the rising cost of CDN traffic in Asia.

Why is Content Delivery in Asia so High?

In North America and Europe, local vendors exchange traffic, but in Asia, it is handled by multiple large providers at a high cost to clients. As a result, GBs of traffic are priced significantly higher in Asia than in the rest of the world.

Major Players for CDN in Asia

Akamai and Fastly are some of the most popular content delivery companies that serve Asia. These companies are prominent players in the market with some of the largest clients in the world. However, a large CDN company is a cost-effective option for handling traffic in quantities over 50PB.

How to find a Cheap and Reliable CDN in Asia?

Massive CDN companies operate with incredibly high overheads. They have thousands of employees, expensive office space, and bloated marketing budgets. In addition, many smaller CDN companies use the infrastructure of the larger players and resell traffic to their clients, which keeps prices high.

If you are a growing company, paying a premium for a sizable content delivery network doesn’t make sense. However, your business still needs the fastest latency possible in the Asian market. The solution is a flexible CDN that offers high-quality and affordable service. One of the companies taking a creative approach to the problem is BlazingCDN.

A New Solution for the Asian and Japanese Market

BlazingCDN has created a network of servers with the fastest nodes based on Anycast CDN. Your content will be available from one IP worldwide at maximum speed. The company has built a single tariff for traffic around the world. Most importantly, in Asia, the delivery price is significantly lower than competitors offering the same quality of service.

Rates are affordable because BlazingCDN has a small marketing team and keeps its overhead to a minimum. You can check out their prices, or if you have more than 25TB of traffic, you can immediately request an individual plan.

BlazingCDN is built to serve companies of all sizes. Their clients range from small start-ups to several world-class corporations. If you are interested in trying BlazingCDN, you can test the service. Tests take a maximum of one day, and once complete, you’ll have an idea of what you will save on traffic costs yearly.

Visit BlazingCDN to begin your trial or speak with one of their experts to learn more about how you can save on CDN in Asia.

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