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Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone and Android Phones 

Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone Android Phones 

There are so many legitimate reasons to spy on digital devices. We see that technology has changed our daily routine. We depend on smartphones to contact others. We couldn’t imagine our daily routine without the use of smart gadgets. Now, we are addicted to the use of digital devices in our hands. When we talk about the usage of cell phones. Mobile phone technology comes with different features one of the main is call logs. It comes with different troubles by making of long calls that are concerning point. People worried about their loved ones regarding the emergence of fast-growing technology. They want to know their activities so the call recording application is best for them.

 Call recorder app already exists in the software market people take benefit from them. As you know, most people use smartphones for illegal activities that need to spy. Therefore, there are a lot of monitoring applications designed. In this article, we discuss call recording apps for iPhone and android that can spy and secretly record the targeted devices. Few best spy applications will mention below the paragraph.

What is a call recording app?

A cell phone call recording app is used for the monitoring of digital devices. It empowers the user to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted person and also can record the voice conversation. People use for some legitimate reasons to find out the concern behind this. Call recording apps for iPhone and android secretly work for the tracking and spying of smart gadgets. Parents are concerned for their kids and employer is worried about their employees and business. They come to know all about them. Therefore, these applications are used within the same concerns. 

Legal Reasons to use the best call recording apps?

There are a lot of reasons to choose call recorder apps. Two kinds of people mostly select the monitoring app. 

  • Parents for Parental controls
  • Employers for Employee monitoring

Concerned parents want to secure their kids from the harmful effects of the digital world. Kids are not mature to use digital devices. They make calls to their friends and sometimes with strangers. It means that is an alarming situation for kids and increases the chances to involve the unethical activities. The call recording app allows parents to save their kids from online dangers. It is helpful for parents that help to protect the kids from vulnerable activities. Parents found the best way to save their kids in the form of a call recording app.  it empowers you toward the kids and their safety issues.

Employers are always worried about their employees at working place. They didn’t want that they waste their time. Business owners use the call recording app to measure their activities if they make long calls to their friends and family or waste the time. It means, the employer can take action against that employee with the help of a call recording app.

Therefore people go for the selection of the best call recorder apps that can be most beneficial. 

Top 7 best call recording app for iPhone and Android

Here we mention the list of best call recording apps. 

  • TheOneSpy
  • OgyMogy
  • Mspy
  • Flexispy
  • TapeACall Pro
  • Rev Call Recorder
  • Xnspy 


TheOneSpy is one of the best monitoring applications. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. It is packed with multiple features. This app makes surprises to the user by secret monitoring. This enables the user to find all online activities of the targeted device without any restriction. TOS is fully satisfied with its users. You will come to know what happened to the targeted laptop, computers, and smartphones. 

The comes with the 250+ features like call recording for android, message monitoring, browsing history, location tracker, social media monitoring, surrounding the recording, screen recording, screenshots, email spy, and many more.


OgyMogy is the most efficient parental control and employee monitoring application. This app is just compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows devices It has a hundred plus features that can enable parents to track their kids ‘ all online activity in real-time. It regulates the online security of the targeted person.

This app allows the features of live location tracker, call recording, text messages monitoring, and internet history also can record the live screen activity. 


Mspy is one of the greatest cell phone monitoring applications. It works for both iPhone and Android devices. Its use is for both parental control and employee monitoring. With this app, you are enabled to use the powerful and authentic surveillance tool. The essential features come with the GPS location tracker, call recording app from the targeted device. This app enables the user to remotely track the call history and also record then later listen to the conversation. The other monitoring application also has different features that make sure you about the online activities of the targeted device. 


Flexispy is one of the efficient applications. It is one of the popular software monitoring applications that makes sure you are about the targeted person. Its use is for the tracking of smart devices. It is one of the expensive packages with different features. Flexispy enables the user to complete monitoring of the targeted devices. This allows the monitoring of calls and also records any call from the targeted device.

TapeACall Pro

TapeA Call application is the leading call recording software. It provides the best services toward the recording calls of the targeted device. Around the world, more than 4 billion people used this efficient application and take benefit. 

Rev Call Recorder

Rev call recorder is a monitoring application that provides call recording for iPhone devices. It gives the complete recording of targeted calls. This application is compatible with iPhone devices. It provides the benefit after getting access to this application. 


Xnspy is one of the best mobile apps in the race of monitoring apps.  This software claims to be a rich-featured app. moreover, employee monitoring enables this software. It has terrifying features of call recording, location tracker, web browsing, and many more. It is the best choice for enterprises and families with little money. User makes sure the online monitoring of the digital devices. 


In the brief write-up, we try to describe the best call recording apps. These apps are considered the best for parental control and employee monitoring. Now you have to choose one of them according to your demand and choice. But, we describe the top leading call recording applications that are helpful regarding the recording of calls.

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