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Best apps that are not available in google play store

Google play store is the hub for Android users to find all kind of apps. But, there are certain apps that are not available even in Play store due to some reason. But, don’t worry

Today in this post I will tell you some of the best and must-have Android Apps for your Android Phone which is not available on Google Play Store. I have categorized Apps according to there nature so that you can make a better decision in case if you wish to get one. So, without wasting much time lets dive into it.

Free Apps Not on Google Play Store

Here are the Best Android Apps Not on Play Store and are either Banned or Removed.

  1. Cloudstream
  2. Blackhole
  3. MovieBox
  4. NewPipe
  5. Adaway

Through technology, entertainment is changing day by day in many ways. The mobile and the laptop are the easiest way to watch entertainment. The Internet is like a heart for mobiles and laptops. Without the internet, we can not watch any movies or live sports or events, or news on smartphones and laptops. Modern technology makes our life simple. 

Nowadays humans are very busy with their work to sustain their life. That’s why the time is less to watch TV. To overcome this problem technology takes one step forward and solves the problem by streaming apps. Through streaming apps, we can watch our favorite movies, live cricket, and live sports from anywhere. There are plenty of streaming apps are available throughout the world.

Let’s get started to know about this CloudStream apk in more detail like how to download it, how to install it, and its features also.


  • AdFree, No ads whatsoever
  • No tracking/analytics
  • Bookmarks
  • Download and stream movies, tv-shows and anime
  • Chromecast

Music is one of the main categories in entertainment platforms. So many people are enjoying by listening to songs. Music has a special place in our daily life. Music can regulate our moods. When you are under stress or anxiety you listen to smooth music, it will calm down your stress. Music has all human emotions. When you listen to sad songs automatically you felt sad. When you are in a happy mood you listen to happy songs it gives more energy levels to you. Like that different types of music are present in our world.

Nowadays we are blessed with the internet why because in the entertainment zone internet played a significant role. In the past decade, we did not have these facilities where we can watch movies or sports anywhere while at home, on a bus, car, train, or airplane. That too forward, backward, pause, and play options.



  • Best Streaming Quality (320kbps aac)
  • Song, Album, Artist and Playlist Search
  • Language Specific Promoted Playlists
  • Trending Songs
  • Artist and Genre Radios
  • Support 15+ music languages
  • Local and Global Top Spotify songs
  • Add Songs to Favorite
  • Playlists support
  • Import Playlists from Spotify & YouTube
  • Import/Export Playlists as JSON File
  • Share Playlists
  • Sleep timer
  • Lyrics Support
  • Queue Management
  • Listening history record
  • Dark mode / accent color
  • Custom Gradients and other Theme options
  • Supports Portrait as well as Landscape mode
  • Download for offline play (320kbps with ID3 tags)
  • Play Online as well as Offline Songs
  • Tag Editing Support
  • Trending Search Results
  • YouTube Search Support
  • Promoted Youtube Playlists
  • Play videos as audio
  • Auto Song Recommendations
  • Inbuilt Equalizer
  • Backup & Restore
  • Auto Update Check
  • Cache support
  • No Subscription
  • No Ads
  • MovieBox

These App will never be on Play Store, thanks to its large library of movies and TV Shows which can be viewed for free. Showbox is by far the most popular online streaming app thanks to its smooth UI and easy navigation.

Features of MovieBox

  • Showbox app doesn’t require you to have a login account.
  • There are no annoying Ads.
  • Support HD quality and also allows all other resolution viewing.
  • Subtitles are available for a greater experience.
  • You can filter the movies by Genre, Year, Rating, and type.
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • You can even download movies and watch them later.


NewPipe is a Freeware Open Source lightweight YouTube App. It has a frontend youtube interface. The best thing about the app is you can run it without any Google API or the irritating Google Play Services.

Basically, the NewPipe App just collects YT website’s URL source and displays it in the form of the App. But this App can prove to be very powerful if you have a low-end Android phone with limited power.

NewPipe is an outstanding YouTube client that lets you download Youtube videos with total privacy. The best part is that it lets you stream music in the background and do practically anything you can do with the official client.

Some Apps which rely on traditional Internet Apps developed by a modification to appeal to the users. These Apps do not comply with the App Store Norms and hence need to be downloaded independently.

Features NewPipe App

  • Runs without Google Play Services
  • You can set and change the quality of video play
  • Download the video and audio at various different resolutions
  • You can play the video as a Pop-up box for multitasking
  • Play the video in the background
  • Lightweight and consumes low storage space and RAM


If there is something that we all can agree, it’s probably that ‘ads are damn annoying’. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing games, reading a document, and so on, ads appear out of nowhere and they are always….. annoying! Especially when you accidentally click on them.

But with AdAway, you can get rid of them forever. This app lets you remove all the ads from all your software, therefore, saving your time. The only requirement that AdAway demands a rooted device. If you have it, you are good to go.


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