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Best App for Picking Instagram Winners

Nowadays conducting giveaways through Instagram has become very popular to promote the product and services of the company. This is the platform through which they can increase the customer of using the product by attracting people to participate such as by giving them gifts. But if a person wants to give a giveaway but doesn’t know how to give it, this article will guide you to the best app for picking an Instagram winner and conducting the giveaway on your own Instagram.

List of top Instagram giveaway pickers:

Conducting an Instagram giveaway picker is done by first gathering all the comments which are done on the post or the video then we need to filter the comments according to the setting like counting the unique comments which are done from the unique accounts. it is basically used when the user doesn’t want to go through the thousands of comments one by one to find out who is the winner. So by using this pictures app you will choose a winner randomly and will be able to conduct the giveaway fairly and with fun for every participant.

The following are the list of the best app for picking an Instagram winner:

  • You to gift
  • Ideta
  • Wask.Com
  • AI grow
  • Instagram random comment picker. 
  • Iconosquare
  • Woobox

You to gift:

You to gift is a service in which the user doesn’t need to enter the Instagram username and password if they just need to link the post. Pick a winner by checking the profile, likes, and comments of the participant. You to gift allows you to download all the information based on Instagram likes, and comments in an Excel format so that the user can upload the link of the result on the profile so that the participant doesn’t have any doubt. You can use freely by downloading it from App Store or Play Store app for conducting the giveaway picker on Instagram. 


It is an application that is used when there are a lot of comments on the post and you need an auto-comment tool that can manage the community and it will also reduce the efforts of conducting a giveaway. 


Wask.Com offers the user to use its free Instagram giveaway tool to select the random winner for the giveaways. For using it you just need to enter the URL of the Instagram post then the comments will automatically pull out to find a winner of the giveaway. You just need to set all the criteria for selecting a winner and then the tool will find the winner based on the criteria within a minute. The result of the giveaway can be seen clearly so that the participant will not have any confusion. 

AI grow:

AI Grow is also considered the best Instagram giveaway pictures tool. It does have the following features:

  • Automate actions
  • Schedule and trigger actions
  • Easily build your workflows. 

You can use the AI grow application for finding the winner of the giveaway by filtering the comments you want.

Instagram random comment picker:

The name explains that it is used for Instagram comment pickers that will choose a random Re winner from thousands of participants who are commenting on the post. It is also a free tool used for making giveaway pickers on Instagram posts. But they Do have fewer features when it is compared to other applications. The Instagram random comment picker is best for the works for business and for the creator accounts. But it does have a downside that it contains too many ads and for getting rid of the ads you need to purchase a premium account.


It is designed in a way to help to conduct the IG contest. Iconosquare Is an automatic tool that will automate all kinds of tasks which means that you do not have to repeat the task again and again, you just have to automate the task and save a lot of time. It is free to use but you need to log in with an Instagram account or Facebook. 


Woobox is a platform for marketing and will help you to grow your online business and increase followers By running and creating successful giveaways. It does have features of automated conversation drive skills, getting more leads, engaging perspectives, and many more. But it has a limitation for using it freely as it can hold the contest which only has 100 participants a month. For conducting a contest of more than 100 participants you need to purchase the premium plan. 


Conducting giveaways has become a popular way to increase the followers and the customer of the product as it will help the company to reach customers worldwide. So from the above article, you can easily select an application that will conduct the giveaway picker of an Instagram post and there is no need to count every comment and then select the winner using these applications will give you a fair and transparent result.


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