Best Android Emulator to play Ragnarok X on PC

play Ragnarok X on PC

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is a classic Role playing game which is one of the Ragnarok Series. /it is developed by Gravity and published by Nuverse in SEA. This game was officially launched for mobile devices operating on both systems like android and iOS. Ragnarok X: Next Generation invites players to Midgard’s fantasy world to prevent a calamity that threatens to tear the world apart. Let yourself get lost in this bright and lush world with the mesmerizing art style that captures the real charm of the game. Create your own digital avatars for this world to live and upgrade them constantly with better equipment systems and it will lead you to proceed further in the game. Players will fight and an encroaching evil presence to get it rid of your fantasy world. Cast some of the impressive and amazing magic skills to fight against the evil. Customize your avatar with equipping costumes, accessories and powerful gear. 

In this game the social part of this game is very active. You can make new friends and join guilds. ROX is filled with many social features that will help you to make many virtual friends and joining guilds to communicate with other players. Join guilds to play and communicate with other players. This will make your friendship looks more real. Party up and grind together. There are many dungeons which are scattered all over the Midgard which is your fantasy world in this game. This Midgard is filled with fearsome bosses and tier devout minions. There are many weekly and daily events in which you can participate for fun activities and surprises.  Let’s not forget the ultra-rare cosmetics you won’t find anywhere else! This game is filled with six different classes of job choose your class wisely since it will improve your gameplay. 


Ragnarok X on PC:

Ragnarok X is developed and launched for most of the mobile devices but to experience the amazing graphics and features of this game you need to play it on bigger screen. 

Why to play ROX on PC?

We suggest to play ROX on PC. There are many reasons to play ROX on PC because of bigger screen with better resolution. Secondly you will get the most out of your PCs hardware. Not everyone can afford the end smartphone in this world. For that android emulators are tested to be faster than many of the high end phones. Android emulators will let you play any game with ease and fun. Along with that the main reason of developing Android emulators was to make things more hustle free for mobile gamers. Android emulators have definitely raised the bar for online mobile gaming. 

Here is the best android emulator that you can use to play ROX on PC.


It is one of the best android emulators that are available with lightning speed.  This lightweight android emulator will let you play nearly any android game with ease and less hustle. It is available for free from the official website of LDPlayer. It’s all about convenience and ease. There are many of the amazing features in LDPlayer that you can use like there are tons of settings that you can customize. You can customize your game controls and settings even like GPU and graphics. It is the best compatible android emulator for Ragnarok X. It is light weight and fast. One of the key features is that it is perfectly compatible with even low end PCs and you can use it for free. So even if you have a low end PC you don’t have to worry about it. It can run perfectly on both AMD and Intel processors. It comes with regular updates and it is smooth and fast. It is safe and private. LDPlayer cares about the user privacy that’s why it is one of the safest android emulator available. It is safe from bugs and malware. It has the simplest and amazing interface even if you are a beginner you won’t find it hard to play. It is the number one choice of millions of gamers worldwide that why LDPlayer have over 10 million plus downloads and with over a million active users online daily. 

To use ROX on LDPlayer all you need to do is to head over to the official website of LDPlayer. Download and install your software. After it configure and then download or install the ROX from google play store or official play store. Ragnarok X on PC



LDPlayer is the best android emulator that you can download to play Ragnarok X on PC and it is perfectly compatible with it. It is safe, private, reliable and user friendly. You can play almost any game on it even the classic games from Ragnarok series. 

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