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Best AI Stocks for 2024

AI Stocks

In an evolving landscape artificial intelligence is leading the charge in driving innovation across various industries. Established players like NVIDIA and Microsoft as up and coming companies such as Lattice Semiconductor (LSCC) and Qualys Inc. are bringing their unique expertise to the table. These organizations offer solutions that could revolutionize fields like telecommunications and supply chain management. Join us as we explore the strategies and potential of these AI firms that are shaping the future of technology and more. For stock ratings of these companies, we suggest Eyestock which is a trusted stock valuation service.

Discovering the Exciting World of AI Stocks in 2024!

Top 7 AI Stock Picks for April 2024

Interested in investing in AI stocks? According to Eyestock rating, here are top AI stocks for 2024:

  1. NVIDIA, headquartered in Santa Clara, California specializes in developing computer graphics processors, chipsets and multimedia applications. With a workforce of 26,196 employees NVIDIA operates across two segments; compute and networking well, as graphics. AI technology plays a role in industries, such as telecommunications with developments like Gen AI and AI RAN for 5G and 6G networks. Collaborations like the one with Google for Gemma LLM showcase advancements in AI speech recognition and medical imaging.
  2. ANET is a company specializing in cloud networking product development, marketing and sales based in Santa Clara, California. Employing around 3,612 full time staff members ANET offers networking solutions like the Extensible Operating System (EOS) network applications, Gigabit Ethernet switching and routing platforms. The Spline campus network utilizes Cognitive WiFi features to extend EOS capabilities across data centers and campuses for enhanced networking services. ANETs AI applications focus on identifying and addressing security threats within campus environments, data centers and the Internet of Things.
  3. Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon LSCC specializes in logic chips alongside supporting software solutions. With a workforce of 949 employees Lattice concentrates on resolving customer challenges through low power consumption and compact programmable logic devices. LSCCs sensAI stack offers FPGA based Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence solutions that’re flexible in design energy for operation while being cost effective, for large scale production.
  4. Manhattan Associates Inc stands as a provider of supply chain management and commerce solutions. The companys three geographic sectors are dedicated to advancing AI technology, native design and machine learning, for software solutions.
  5. Qualys Inc., based in Foster City, California specializes in providing security and compliance solutions. With a workforce of 2,143 full time professionals Qualys leverages AI driven cybersecurity to assess, communicate and mitigate cyber risks while offering AI powered vulnerability management solutions.
  6. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington Microsoft Corporation is a player in software, services and devices. With a staff of 221,000 employees Microsofts AI initiatives are centered around Azure. Its platform offers a wide range of AI tools and services. The tech giant’s AI projects span across telecommunications, language modeling and medical imaging.
  7. Applied Materials Inc. Is known for manufacturing equipment, services and software for the semiconductor and display industries. Operating across three segments the company utilizes AI based solutions for statistical process control (SPC) in wafer measurement.

For further insights on these companies take a look at Eyestock platform where you can find more AI stock picks.

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