Best Adobe Lightroom alternatives of 2022

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You may be familiar with Adobe Lightroom and other photo editing software for creating stunning images as a photographer. But did you know that very few best Adobe Lightroom alternatives exist that provide you with access to the same incredible tools found in Adobe’s top photo organizer? Regardless of your experience, budget, or needs?
You need to know that good photo editing software can improve the quality of your photographs. According to Airnow, a study showed that the VSCO app, a photo-editing tool popular among young Instagram users, included over 284 thousand active users in May 2020. These photo editing software provide similar file management (DAM) features and RAW image editing tools as Lightroom, based on your needs.
You can have a free Lightroom alternative if you do not wish to pay for a Lightroom subscription to handle and modify your photos. Below are the best alternatives of 2022 that we’ve checked, reviewed, and rated to bring your photos into focus.

Luminar Neo

Skylum Luminar is a well-known RAW photo editor, but in 2018, it introduced digital asset management features, making it among the best Lightroom alternatives available. Other image enhancement filters that use artificial intelligence (AI) have since been incorporated, making Skylum Luminar a legitimate competitor to Lightroom.
Accent AI, for example, would then examine a photo and instantly calculate the best edits to make. These types of programs are ideal for beginners searching for a suitable replacement for Lightroom. Along with automatically recognizing defects, Skylum Luminar’s pricing is reasonable, and you just pay for a one-time license. There isn’t a free trial available; however, there is a 30-day funds guarantee.

Reasons we like

No subscription, one-time payment
AI-powered tools

PhotoDirector Essential

While many users take months or weeks to master Lightroom, PhotoDirector Essential uses clear and simple tools and sorting features that new users can quickly learn. That suggests PhotoDirector is only meant for novices. This free Lightroom alternative includes all the editing features and tools you’ll need to create professional, publication-quality photos.
Whether you prefer to zoom in and perfect every pixel or perform simple color adjustments on your photos, PhotoDirector has you surrounded. Consider PhotoDirector, the wonderful combination of Lightroom and Photoshop, without the clunky, tough interfaces that Adobe programs implement, making it the ideal free Lightroom alternative.

Reasons we liked

Incredibly simple and User-friendly,
Intuitive user interface

Capture One

Capture One gets near if you’re searching for a feature-for-feature replacement for Lightroom. For color adjustments, Capture One is the best option available in Lightroom. It has eight color ranges rather than the standard six, enabling you to separate and edit different shades in your photo.
You can simply import your photo catalog from Lightroom to Capture One if you already use Lightroom. It also includes organizational tools such as color tagging, keyword management, and sorting by star rating. Moreover, you can arrange your photos into catalogs folders for older projects and session folders for current jobs.

Reasons we liked

Import and rendering times are quick.
High-quality output


Lightroom isn’t longer the one and only top management software for photographers. Numerous excellent Lightroom alternatives are available online, and choosing the best one for you eventually depends on your preference. Luminar Neo is our preferred complimentary Lightroom alternative due to its advancement, ease of use, variety of features, and intuitive, advanced analytics.

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