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Best 8 Natural Wavy Hair Toppers 2022 & 2023

 Nowadays, problems such as hair loss and thinning of hair are encountered in women as well as men. Most people think that wavy hair is less at risk of hair loss than plump hair. In fact, this is erroneous information that has turned into a rumor without any scientific basis. The risk of hair loss is similar whether your hair is plump or wavy. People have different hair types, but when we look at their usage habits, whether for aesthetic reasons or hair loss, it’s clear that wavy hair toppers are mostly preferred.

Although people have problems in the hair growth cycle for various reasons, the source of the problem is definitely not related to the curls of your hair. So wavy hair toppers can be a great solution to make your hair appear more vibrant and moving.

This article has been prepared as a guide to questions that females often research, such as the best natural wavy hair toppers.

The Importance of Preparing a Wavy Hair Topper for Hair Loss

There are many reasons for the widespread use of wavy hair toppers.

Many women opt for wavy hair toppers for thinning hair, partial hair loss, or adding extra volume to their hair. The common opinion of hair experts is that women’s criteria are variable when comparing different brands and models in search of the best natural hair toppers.

Hair toppers are much more preferred than wigs because you can combine them with your real hair. Wavy hair toppers are an ideal solution, especially for women who want to add vitality to their hair. Speaking of alternative uses, a wavy hair topper for thinning crown is also ideal for women with thin and straight hair. It gives them great hair volume and coverage on the topside.

Top 8 Natural Wavy Hair Toppers on the Market

Here are the best 8 wavy hair toppers among the dazzling options on the market.

  1. E-Litchi AA-BF0602LB

It’s a silk base hairpiece for women who require greater coverage and thicker hair in the meantime and want to seem natural. The wavy style is more fashionable and straightforward to match your hair. The balding area is less than 4 “*4.7” coverage, so it can be secured on your hair. It can be straightened, curled, and dyed.

2. E-Litchi AA-Q1002LB

It is an excellent solution for women who are thinning in the front and at the top of the crown. It is incredibly breathable and lightweight yet provides extra coverage for thicker hair. The base’s design is exquisite and of the highest caliber. A wavy hairpiece fits women who suffer from hair loss and gray hair.

3.Uniwig 6.5″x6.5″ Upgrade Claire Plus

The product is nice and soft as the hair itself. 6.5×6.5 wavy mono top human hair topper with warm accents and striking curves, a product with a lace front. It differs from other products with its %130 density.

4.Uniwig 8.5″X9″ MELANIE

8.5 “x9” Melanie mono top human hair topper has bangs and straight and wavy alternatives. It’s real human hair with its natural looking and can be worn for up to a year. It is a soft and comfortable product to use.

5.Nish Hair Silk Top Wefted Hair Topper

This product, which is made of 100% human hair, is more natural than other products, with only the hairline being silk. Wavy and Curly options are available in lengths from 14 inches to 22 inches. Due to its texture, it curls and appears shorter; It Comes with only 3 clips.

6. Headcover 12″ Hair Topper

The 12 Inch, Top Smart Wavy Topper by Jon Renau, is one of the best toppers for adding volume to your locks because it is bold and silky. With the appearance of tiny baby hairs sprouting from the hairline, the lace front gives off a realistic appearance. It’s a synthetic hair product with price advantages.

7.12″ Wig Outlet Top Smart Wavy 

12″ Top Smart Wavy by Jon Renau is a hybridized SmartLace™ hair topper. The clip-in cap has 12 inches of lovely hair, a recognizable SmartLaceTM pattern, and six carefully positioned hair clips. Since it is produced from synthetic material, it is more economical than its counterparts.

8.Fortunewigs Wefted Topper- French Top Human Hair Piece

This hair topper is a partial coverage piece designed for those who are experiencing hair loss but don’t require the full coverage as a wig does. French ball area 9″ x9″. In addition to the French top, the unit has 10 wefts of hair. It is a product that can be shaped with water, as in natural hair.


E-litchi has many hair toppers and wigs alternatives according to different customer expectations. Wavy hair toppers are the most assertive product range due to their silk base and the naturalness of natural human hair. Its products provide all functions, such as thickening the hair, blocking the hair root, and filling and shaping the bangs.

E-litchi promises its customers to always providing with diversified hairstyles and premium quality. As one of the best natural hair toppers producers, E-litchi is one step ahead of its competitors, not only with its products but also with its after-sales services.

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