Best 5 Telegram Client Apps for iPhone and MacBook

Telegram Client Apps for iPhone and MacBook

Today, it is difficult to find a person with an iPhone who has not used the messenger Telegram. This messenger is convenient, multifunctional and allows you to communicate with people around the world for free. Most users use the standard application, which, of course, copes with the task, but sometimes lacks additional features. For this reason, we decided to learn about third-party applications clients of the popular messenger installed on iOS platforms, to find out what features they offer and what their advantages are over the original application. 

Our rating is opened by the Nicegram application. Nicegram is an open-source messenger that has options for both individuals and businesses. The client app allows users not only to connect virtual numbers to the app, but also to unblock chats and channels, create templates, forward messages without authorization, and translate messages directly in the chat correspondence. 

The next app we will look at is Vidogram. This application helps to create folders with news channels to which the account is subscribed, the application sends a confirmation request to send a message to avoid accidental sending, connect the IPTV function. Also in Vidogram you can create music playlists and convert voice messages into text messages.

In third place in our ranking is the Franz app. This application is a client not only to Telegram, it also includes other messengers. It allows the user to save all messengers in one place, communicate with them and simplify communication, because different messengers are concentrated in one application. In addition, this application has a group account feature for businesses. 

Another third-party Telegram client would be Station. Like Franz, Station combines many messengers into one application. Station also includes many productivity tools, such as the ability to search through documents and chats, and the app also has a Smart Dock to keep track of your frequent chats and tabs. Most convenient in our opinion is the Do Not Disturb feature, which disables notifications from all messengers with a single keystroke. 

The last app we’ll look at today will be Ferdi. One of the best features of the program is the separation of workspaces. For example, if you have multiple channels with the same topic, you can put them in the same workspace for easy searching and reading. This feature extends not only to channels, but also to your personal chats. Also, the app, like the ones mentioned above, includes other messengers, so you can easily keep all your messages in one place.

Thus, messengers change the way we communicate with each other, they improve with each year and with each update, but always our favorite messenger has the features that meet our needs. Researching different client apps for the main Telegram, we can say that there are a lot of apps with additional features. They also offer different features and conditions, like integrations for business and work teams or features to simplify your daily communications in Telegram. It is up to you to choose a client application. From our side, we ask you to pay attention beforehand to what features the client offers in order to be fully sure of meeting all the needs of a modern messenger. 

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