Best 5 Devices To Run KODI On

You can stream almost anything on Smartphones, Tabs, Desktops, Laptops, FireSticks, and Chromecasts these days. Entertainment services like Prime Video(Amazon), Netflix, Hotstar, Sony Liv, ESPN+, etc., have grown a lot. 

However, you have to pay a lot to access premium content. Their high price tags make people look for alternates, and rightly so because almost everyone wants to save money. Kodi is one of the best alternates and provides premium content for free. 

Let’s look at the best devices to run KODI on.

  • Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube has better components and specifications than Fire TV Sticks. Fire TV Sticks are also good, but the Cube is better. It has

  • Six Cores (Four cores that have a Clock Rate of 2.2GHz and two separate cores that clock at 1.9GHz),
  • 2 GB RAM and 16GB Internal Storage.

You also get accessories like a USB ethernet adaptor, IR receiver, power adaptor, etc. You get 4k video support and Dolby Atmos with an integrated microphone so that you do not have to use the remote to use voice control.

It is one of the best devices to use Kodi because of its better video and audio quality. You can watch free movies and shows in 4K quality and with a better sound.

2) Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Max

Some might want to put the Nvidia shield TV at the top of the list. But, because of a much cheaper price range, Amazon Fire TV Stick is second on this list. It has a 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU with 2 GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. This Amazon Fire TV Stick also supports 4k UHD. 

This Amazon Fire Stick has all the required specifications to run KODI, and that are required to watch movies, TV shows, and live sports for free. You can click here to find the instructions and more details about these KODI add-ons. 

3) Nvidia Shield TV

It is one of the best android boxes on the market that focuses on entertainment and gaming. Although its price is high, it is still one of the best devices to use KODI. 

This Shield TV has a quad-core Tegra X1+ processor and a clock speed of 1.9 GHz. It has 3 GB RAM and 16GB storage. It supports 4K streaming with Artificial Intelligence for better video quality, DTS-X surrounds sound system and Dolby Atmos.

An exceptional Audio and Video quality with free TV Shows, Movies, and Live sports is a match you might want to try.

4) Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a small streaming device that plugs into your TV and has 2 GB of RAM with 8GB of storage. It has a price tag of $39.99, but you can often get a discount of $10 and get it for $29.99. It’s the best device to use KODI, but the only catch is a video quality up to 1080P. You can stream your favorite content for free but with a limitation of video quality.

5) Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi Mi Box S is also a cheaper option than Fire TV Cube or Nvidia Shield TV. You get features like,

  • An android box for $63.25,
  •  2GB RAM and 8GB storage,
  • 4K video quality,
  • Google Play Store,
  • Google Assistant,
  • Built-In Chromecast.

These features and a lower price than other android TV boxes make it a considerable option to use KODI.


KODI gives you access to free content like sports, movies, TV shows, etc. It is also compatible with most Android Boxes like FireStick, FireTV Cube, Nvidia Shield TV, etc. You might want to install KODI add-ons for a better experience. 

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