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Benzinga Pro Review: An Active Investor’s Guide

Benzinga Pro Review: An Active Investor's Guide

People make money in the stock market every day. But how many people can say they make a living solely working in the stock market? The thought might sound intimidating. However, this is a viable income for many people.

You’d be surprised at how many people, globally, consider themselves full-time day traders. That number is in the millions, quite possibly close to 10 million people.

This is a market where saturation is a good thing. The more productivity and economic growth, the more money there is to be made.

Then again, the over-saturation of this market leads to intense competition. You can be the best day trader in the world but miss the mark by simply having someone hit your trade first.

How do you hold a chance to win the stock market race? It’s simple. You have the be the fastest. Successful day traders rely on access to material that gives them a headstart. Benzinga Pro is the insider’s track to all the news related to Wall Street.

What is Benzinga?

Founded by Jason Raznick in 2010, Benzinga is a media and data technology startup meant to empower a new kind of investor. Raznick’s methodology involves supplying Wall Street news in real-time to investors all over the world.

This means that you can be a successful day trader in your mom’s basement or a rooftop villa in Tokyo. Benzinga Pro’s high-speed newswire puts real-time data into actual practice by keeping followers one step ahead.

This all-encompassing media outlet has changed financial journalism by bringing it to your screen. Members will raise their returns by mastering and taking control of their financial proficiency.

Benzinga Pro’s Premium Services

Benzinga pro offers three tiers of membership packages. Membership fees vary depending on the package—the basic being the most affordable and the essential being the most popular.

They are:

  • Basic –

Features Nasdaq delayed quotes, watchlist alerts, key stock stats, Movers program, newsfeed access, and a calendar suite.

  • Essential –

Includes all of the basic features plus Nasdaq real-time quotes, audio squawk, a chat community, sentiment indicators, and the Signals Program.

  • Benzinga Options Mentorship –

Includes all of the Essential features plus trading mentorship, an inner circle chatroom led by Nic Chahine, and a regular market overview by Nic’s winning trading system.

Benzinga Pro has evolved into a multifaceted day trader’s dream from managing your workspace by customizing your newsfeed and corporate calendar. We can’t forget the daily newsletters, stock screening capabilities, and the audio alert system known as the squawk box.

Learn how to get the most out of your Benzinga Pro membership from a pro.

Squawk Box Highlight

Benzinga Pro has the busy day traders covered. When you can’t glue yourself to your computer screen, you can turn on audio alerts, allowing you to listen anywhere as long as you have access to your computer and live feed.

The Squawk Box is even great to have running in the background while you’re working. This newsfeed focuses on market developments like exclusive announcements, rumors, option alerts, and volume spikes.

Since this is a live news feed that runs from 6 am – 6 pm, and that means that you won’t be able to playback yesterday’s feed. To make sure you are getting the most out of the Squawk Box, follow this how-to guide.

How Does Benzinga Pro Compare To Other Financial News Outlets?

You might be asking how Benzinga Pro fairs in the world of financial journalism with the likes of Trade Ideas and the Mindful Trader. Each of these alert systems has distinguishing factors that set them apart.

Benzinga Pro works well for active investors that are looking for a jump start amongst their competition, where Trade Ideas runs an AI-powered platform in hopes of catching better trades.

Mindful Trader is an affordable platform that specializes in swing trade alerts. Perfect for active traders that are ready to act upon any given signal.

Is Benzinga Pro Only for the Pros?

These workspace alert systems are a valuable asset to any professional, seasoned day trader, or active investor, but to someone starting out, it’s worth its weight in gold.  Investing in this platform is the best way to develop an investing mindset.

Your goal as a day trader is to buy and sell security in the same day and make a profit; you simply cannot do this without monitoring market volatility. Benzinga Pro’s platform will give you the tools to succeed, and you will have to do the work.

Even if you think you know everything about the stock market, the reality is that you probably don’t. It’s essential to examine the significant pitfalls of investing continually. You can also take some advice from the wealthiest people in the world, who are all top investors.

“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”

  • Andrew Carnegie

Unfortunately, you have to be mindful of who you is giving you financial advice. Often investors are exploited through their ignorance and fear.

Benzinga Pro isn’t going to hand out financial advice. This organization gives you a front seat to the action, showing you what actually works and what doesn’t.

And what’s even better is that you can experience this program for yourself with a 14-day free trial. If you’re ready to try the Benzinga Pro platform for free, sign up today!

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