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Benro Announces Theta World’s First Auto Leveling Smart Modular Travel Tripod

Benro, a leading manufacturer of photographic and video equipment, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, Theta, the world’s first auto leveling tripod. This innovative product will change the way photographers approach their craft, allowing them to focus more on their art and less on the technical aspects of setting up their equipment.

Theta is designed to help photographers and videographers capture the perfect shot, every time, with a stable and level platform for capturing stunning images and videos, even on uneven terrain without the hassle of manually leveling their tripod. With a range of compatible smart modules available, Theta offers expanded capabilities such as remote camera control and live streaming.

With its cutting-edge technology, Theta automatically adjusts the leveling of the tripod head within seconds, enabling users to focus on their creative work and not on the mechanics of their equipment.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Theta tripod, a revolutionary product that is designed to simplify and streamline the photographic process for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this groundbreaking tripod is the perfect tool for photographers and videographers who demand the best in terms of stability and convenience. Theta represents the perfect blend of technology and design, and we believe it will become an essential tool for photographers and videographers everywhere said a spokesperson for Benro.”

The Theta is the result of years of research and development by Benro’s team of engineers and designers. It features a sophisticated system of sensors and motors that work together to automatically level the tripod head, ensuring that the camera remains perfectly level at all times. This innovative technology eliminates the need for photographers to manually adjust the tripod legs and head, saving valuable time and effort on every shoot.

The Theta is made from high-quality materials, including carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, which provide exceptional strength and durability while keeping the weight to a minimum. The tripod also features a modular design that allows users to customize the height and configuration of the legs and center column, making it versatile enough to handle a wide range of shooting scenarios.


  • The revolutionary auto-leveling system is the result of Benro’s efforts to address the biggest problem that traditional tripods have had for decades. Theta features a one-key auto-leveling function combined with a zero-position design that enables the camera to reach a level state quickly and automatically. Additionally, the optional Optical Matrix Sensor Module can be installed on the camera’s hot shoe for even more precise level adjustment.


  • Theta’s design also strikes a perfect balance between strength and portability. The tripod’s trigonous central column is divided into three equal parts, concave inward to form three inner arcs that accommodate three-cylinder tube legs to achieve a seamless fit. This unique design ensures that the tripod remains compact and robust, while also allowing for zero space waste and easy packing down.
  • Theta is designed for easy portability, featuring a lightweight and one-hand carry design. The combination of cylinder tube legs and the trigonous center column also ensures that there is no dead space in the tripod, allowing photographers to easily grab and go. With the Theta tripod, Benro has created an exceptional product that is sure to delight photographers of all levels.

The Theta is available in two models – the Theta Pro and the Theta Lite. The Theta Pro is designed for professional photographers and is equipped with additional features such as a built-in bubble level and a detachable monopod. The Theta Lite is ideal for amateur photographers and hobbyists, providing all the essential features at an affordable price point.

Both models are compatible with a wide range of cameras, from DSLRs to mirrorless systems, and are easy to set up and use. The Theta also comes with a range of accessories, including a carrying case, a smartphone mount, and a remote control, making it the perfect companion for any photography adventure.

To learn more about the Theta and visit: Benro Theta Tripod



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