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Benjamin Moser | How do marketing strategies influence your business growth?

Benjamin Moser How do marketing strategies influence your business growth

Whether it is a small scale or a large scale, doesn’t matter, business is a business. Today’s large-scale businesses were once called out as small-scale businesses.

Every business requires its input fuel to run and propel forward. This fuel is the “marketing” of your brand, as said by Benjamin Moser. Business marketing when carried out for a small-scale business requires determining some factors before proceeding and should be performed subtly.

  1. Optimized SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is a revolution in marketing strategies. This is the most effective strategy for promoting your brand worldwide. It boosts your brand name and increases the probability of appearing in the search results when searched on Google.

It works based on unique and frequently used keywords. Assume if you are a client in search of any product, what will be your words to put in the search bar? Consider these words and then do your keyword research.

This research is a process itself but these keywords play a major role in increasing the probability of your promotion and also adding weight by increasing the domain authority ranking of your website.

  1. Paid Promotions:

Social apps like Facebook or Instagram enable a feature on business accounts for running paid promotions. It runs your brand advertisements for a selected period and charges accordingly.

This advertisement appears on the screens of every user, thereby, creating brand awareness in the audience and increasing the audience traffic on your site.

  1. PR packages:

 Benjamin Moser said that you can boost your brand’s popularity among the viewers by exploring this strategy. PR packages work practically by influencing the buyers’ minds. Watching your favorite or a well-known celebrity using a brand influences the fans’ minds and creates a feeling of trust for the product.

What you can do is, reach out to a celebrity or any blogger who is relevant to your brand and send your package as a gift. Watching the blogger or the celebrity using your product will develop the urge in the audience to have a look at your product.

The viewers will therefore reach out to your account and thereby increasing the customer traffic.

  1. Collaborations with other known brands:

This strategy is a mutual promotion tactic that is applied by attaching a small firm with a large well-known business firm. This way benefits the small firm more than the developed businesses.

Look for a brand that is developed and has a good repute in the market and is relevant to your type of product. Reach out to them and have a deal, pay a suitable amount and your advertisement will be running on behalf of the developed firm that you have chosen.

Make sure when choosing the type of firm that you both target the same audiences. Their frequent customers will be your new customers, trusting you with the same intensity. Rather than developing the trust for the brand from zero, you only have to maintain the developed trust of the customers that are granted on the behalf of the higher firm. This is the most loved fruit of this strategy.

  1. Discount offers:

Every customer loves to shop at prices lower than the average. Introducing discount offers occasionally increases the audience to shop and view your site frequently to seek if their loved products are put on sale.

Introducing offers like buy one get one free or buy two and get one free adds a lot to the business. Also, with good quality and trusted products, customers shop more than they need and suggest others as well. This is also a strategy suggested by  Benjamin Moser.

Look for the market prices and set your selling prices lower than the mean prices. Let it sit for a few months till you gain a sufficient customer bulk and create a seat in the market. Later when you find that the audience is responding positively, you may increase the price.

Make sure to put a reasonable discount, too many low prices often put a question mark in viewers’ minds about the quality. Viewers consider good quality products in a higher price range. Shoppers may question the value and quality of the product and refuse to trust if the prices are too low.

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