BeNFT Enables Schooling in the Metaverse, Powered with AI for Dynamic and Personalized Touch

While e-learning is not a new concept, the past few years have seen an immense rise in distance and online learning. What became a necessity is fast becoming the norm today. Yet, where all forms of traditional educational systems emphasize gamification and keeping students engaged, e-learning has a lot to cover.

This is where BeNFT’s AI and interactive metaverse-powered educational platform comes in. BeNFT plans to deliver world-class education that is relevant to today’s world.


Current Lackluster Learning Experience

The rapid shift to e-learning has meant that while the imparting of knowledge remains the same and as relevant as its traditional counterpart, how it is done is stagnant in change.

Students and teachers who use dedicated educational management systems are the lucky ones as many underdeveloped educational systems and institutes rely on plain old video conferencing software.

This means the current e-learning system is broken. Students are uninterested, feeling as if they are forced to participate. Large-scale education means less time for professors and teachers to give individual attention to their students.


Interactive and Personalized Teaching with BeNFT AI

BeNFT disrupts the current e-learning culture by offering an AI-driven educational experience based on blockchain. The system is innovative as it uses AI to deliver lectures and courses that align with educational standards, but can be fine-tuned for individual students.

As students, users will enter the BeNFT metaverse and create their avatars, the first step towards giving the personal touch to their educational pursuits. They can enroll in their preferred classes and rather than have a professor forced on them, they can use the suite of AI-powered virtual professors, customizing even how they look with their avatars.

While this takes care of personalized aesthetics, AI-powered professors use advanced algorithms to understand each student’s learning style and speed. The AI can then adjust itself to individual users, giving them the best opportunity to learn in a positive environment.

The BeNFT AI goes beyond just delivering lectures. All classwork, grades, assignments, and even exams are created separately for each student which maximizes their strengths and helps cover their weaknesses. 

Learn-to-Earn, Soul Bound Certificates, and Marketplace

The BeNFT AI and metaverse educational approach covers the quality and engagement parts, but its Learn-to-Earn incentivizes students financially. Each time they complete a task and complete a milestone, the students are rewarded with Soul-bound NFTs and cryptos.

The Soul-bound NFTs remain permanently in their wallets, as certification proofs that cannot be duplicated or transferred. The crypto rewards, on the other hand, can be used in the BeNFT marketplace to buy tools, books, and other learning materials to complete their courses. The cryptos can also be put in the BeNFT’s Earn program, where they can passively earn by either investing or trading cryptos, all done by the AI.

According to Guillermo Gharib, CEO of BeNFT, 

“By combining education and earning, we’re creating a new paradigm for learning that empowers students to take charge of their careers and achieve financial independence. At BeNFT, we’re all about helping our students unlock their full potential.”


BeNFT Roadmap 2023

BeNFT has completed major milestones set in its roadmap for 2023. These include BSC migration, public pool launch, its smart contract, and $BeAI token minting.

This year will continue to have big steps taken, including expansion of the advisory board, listing on ApeSwap, BeNFT Pass minting, course and content creation, listing on CEXs, and the creation of its DAO and a charity.

Over time, BeNFT will redefine how e-learning is done, especially with proper reward and opportunity mechanisms, thanks to its AI, Soul bound NFTs, and crypto rewards.

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