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Benefits of using virtual sms numbers

Virtual number for sms is a solution based on modern technologies. It allows to get sms without having a physical mobile device, just using virtualization technologies. Let’s take a closer look how the things work out there and what are the main benefits you can get as you decided to buy virtual number for sms.

Reasons to use such a service

Let’s point out main reasons and cases of using fake number generator with sms:

  • Numbers from your country\region are not supported.
  • You need a number from a particular country.
  • You don’t have a mobile device in possession for a reason (e.g. your device is now repaired but you still need to get sms right now).
  • You don’t have enough call credits so number is temporary blocked and unavailable to be used for sms receiving.
  • You don’t want to use your number for security reasons, preferring to stay anonymous.

Often people “rent” a number for a short period of time to register an account on the Internet The step-by-step actions guide in such a case comes as following:

  1. User applies for a service to buy virtual mobile number for sms verification.
  2. As only all the details are filled (like needed country of the number, or a particular site where user needs to sign in or pass phone number verification) the service is paid, the user gets a number.
  3. User goes back to registration form and fills it with the number which was given.
  4. If there’s a need for confirmation, user goes back to the service and gets a code to confirm the number verification.

As only the code is pasted – job is done. The system never knows that the sms was sent to virtual number instead of a real one, so it makes no difference.

Benefits of using

Getting a number to receive sms has got a lot of clear and obvious benefits:

  • You can get a phone number for sms verification even without a physical device in possession.
  • There’s an option of buying a number for a certain period of time. In this case the number of incoming messages is not limited so you can use it for signing up at as many services as you would manage within given time.
  • The cost of calls is relatively cheap.
  • You can get your verification sms just within 1-2 minutes after applying for a service. This is almost as fast as using a real phone number, so it makes no difference.
  • You can sign in even at those services which are unavailable in your country or a particular region due to regional restrictions.

Businesses that typically use their own personal number are ones that are dealing with known contacts.

i.e. a property manager, or a tradesperson, manager of a team, teacher to parent, coach to team members, etc.

This is not ideal if you’re sending a message out to people who do not know you personally.

I.e. marketing promotions, schools sending SMS out to students.

It’s also not ideal if you’re looking to generate new sales leads.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using your personal mobile number:


  • You control the number
  • The number never changes so recipients get instant recognition
  • Texts come back to your personal mobile


  • Your personal number becomes public
  • Texts come back to your personal mobile
  • People have the ability to call you back directly
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