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Benefits of Using Large Portable Storage Containers in Melbourne

Every family, individual, and business have a lot of stuff. However, when they needed to move or store all those things, they found themselves stumped.

You might be one of them, frantically searching for storage space. Adding to that stress, almost all of your things are large and back-breakingly heavy. So, you are not sure if storage facilities will accept storing for you.

Don’t worry. You can choose from a variety of portable storage container options. One of them is large portable storage containers, where they accept storing large items.

Keep scrolling, and we’ll tell you all the benefits of hiring a portable storage container!

What Is a Large Portable Storage Container?

Large portable containers are containers ranging from 10ft – 20ft in size, making them the largest storage container sizes in the market.

These containers can fit a lot of things. To give you a gist, we’ll give a few examples of what can fit inside one 20ft container;

  • 3-4 bedroom house worth of furniture
  • Product stock
  • Office supplies, like tables, printers, and chairs
  • Construction appliances
  • Cars

So, if you have large items that won’t fit the usual self-storage facility, you can turn to large portable containers.


Benefits of Large Portable Storage Containers

Aside from their large size, how can these containers help you? Whether you are a 4-person household, a business, or an individual, you can surely benefit from large portable storage containers because;

  • The containers are fully portable, so they come to you. So, when you are too busy to rent a truck and transport all of your heavy goods, you are covered.
  • Lugging heavy items into a truck can suck all the energy out of you. With this, the container can be put on ground level. Therefore, you can just roll your things inside with a trolley.
  • Only load and unload once. After you fit all your things inside, the container will be attached to a truck, transported, and stored without any unloading happening. The unloading only happens when you are ready to collect the container.
  • No time to load and store yourself? Easy. Choose a good company that offers a service where they do the A-Z for you. They will deliver, load, and store the unit without any hassle.
  • Almost 50% cheaper than traditional storage facilities. The price rate starts at $34.95 per week. More space, more value.
  • Storing is flexible. You can either choose the container to be near you for unlimited access or out of the way for the moment. Completely up to you.
  • The container is weatherproof, waterproof, dustproof, and vermin-proof. So, stored inside or outside, your things will still be as good as when you store them.
  • Comes with complimentary items like boxes, bubble wrap, packing papers, and furniture blankets. These items keep your things damage-free during transit and storage.
  • Long-term or short-term, doesn’t matter. You can rent as long as you like as there is no fixed contract.
  • In the unlikely event damage happens, you are covered by insurance.


Having a lot of stuff can be overwhelming, especially if you are planning to store them. Self-storage facilities have rigid rules, and you need an alternative. The alternative is the large portable storage containers.

If you have large things like office supplies, product stock, house furniture, or even a car, large portable storage containers can fit them!

Plus, they have many benefits that make the storing experience pleasant for you. They are cheap, portable, and reliable.

Now, ready to leave the traditional way of storing and move on to the modern solution?

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