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Benefits of using GOOGLE SHOPPING API


What is Google Shopper API? The word API denotes an Application Programming Interface.

To be precise what an API does is very simple, it actually acts as a mediator between the shoppers and service providers. 

It makes the task a lot easier since the users can access various service providers in one place and can easily compare and select the best-suited. The examples are ticketing platforms, food providers, hotel booking platforms, and many more. 

An API fetches the information of services and dumps in one place with their prices, ratings, locations, and offers. This helps the clients to make a selection quickly and avoid the hassle of accessing individual websites and gather information and then make a decision. This saves a lot of time and gives the best result to the users.

There several advantages of using Google Shopping API like:

1) It highlights your product

Whether your business is small or big google shopping API helps you gain prominence depending on search results. The results are displayed based on consumers’ keyword research hence the brand name does not make a big difference here. Any business can get traffic by making effective use of google shopping ads and elevate sales. Go here for google shopper API and grab details.    

2) Automatically manages your account

With the one time setup at google merchant center and filling the shopping feed, you can actually collect product data through google and connect your store to google shopping API which will collect all product details from your store and update it on google merchant center account. Once the connection is built it will automatically update the information as per keyword search. This works a lot smoother than text ads and reduces the stress level of bidding on keywords. 

3) Individual product ad management

The ads are managed separately for varying products. Google plays smart with the keyword search criteria. It tries to work on synonyms of the keywords as well making it more effective to boost incoming traffic to your store. Not only this if you are selling a moisturizer of a particular brand it will show all the relevant moisturizer that you are selling under that name.   

4) Brings in promising traffic

This works better than Google Adwords because the ads are not only textbase but display the image, price, and rating of the product which can judge the buyers’ intent of having it. Even if the buyer is not familiar with your product and it suits his or her search-demand will optimistically land them onto your online shop and may lead to some organic sale.

5) Smart optimization of keywords

The process does not involve bidding on the keywords as done for Google Adwords. The keywords are optimized based on relevant keywords searched by users and display the results. It proves that once all the information is provided to google shopping API all the processing is done by google giving the best outputs to the consumers. This makes the optimization of keywords comparatively a lot flexible and easier.  

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