Benefits Of Online Proofing Software

Benefits Of Online Proofing Software

Online proofing software has benefits that include greater speed and less revision. Operating in a flexible, collaborative way, online proofing software can help you maintain more control over your work while decreasing editing costs. This guide will explore the main benefits of online proofing software.

Eliminate Email Approvals

Even the simplest of projects involve sending email drafts back and forth. The problem is, you can’t be sure that those who receive your emails are duly reading them or even paying attention to what you’ve written.

Email communication is too easily glossed over because it’s simple to skim over an email without taking in any of the details. By using online proofing tools, rather than emailing versions back and forth, you know exactly who is looking at what at any time.

Collate And Batch Feedback

Instead of receiving feedback individually or in scattered batches, online proofing software collates all the comments and suggestions into a convenient location. This is way better than wading through several emails just to see what everyone wants to tell you. When using proofing software, you’ll see the comments in context.

Comments are displayed alongside the relevant frames of your storyboard, so it’s easier to understand what people think about each scene. This way, you can review feedback quickly and efficiently to eliminate errors and improve your product.

Streamlines The Approval Process

Many people do not like sending their feedback back because it can be time-consuming. With online proofing software, you don’t have this problem. The software saves you time by collating all your feedback into one place and provides projects with an easy way of accessing it on the go. The software automatically checks for comments as you work and then sends them back to you in a set of forms that make it quick and easy for you to respond.

More Clarity With Markup Tools

Markup tools require everything from text to complex shapes, giving you full control over your comments. With these tools, you can be as creative or simple with your feedback as necessary. You can add checkmarks and counters or custom marks that are easier to interpret than words alone.

Reduced Compliance Risks

Compliance is a big deal for many companies, especially when it comes to the risks of distributing unfinished stories. For example, some companies need to show the client what they’ve been working on regularly to prove they are progressing on their project. With online proofing software, you’ll be able to send clients links that allow them to access the project in fully-featured online proofing software. As a result, they can see their project as it develops and keep track of what has been done and is still pending.

Greater Transparency

Online proofing software allows you to show your project to the client regularly. This helps them keep up with their project’s progress and see how it is developing. It’s also a great way to find out what the client wants next so that you can meet their needs and expectations.

It also makes it easier for you to communicate with clients because your storyboard can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This means there is no need to send files via email or jump back and forth between sending people a copy of the project and organizing feedback. The software provides a simple location for everyone to share and see the project from on-the-go devices like tablets and smartphones.

Fewer Revisions

As opposed to email, where your storyboard must be sent back and forth over and over again, online proofing software saves you time and money by providing a finished version of your project. This means you don’t have to go through the trouble of sending the project back and forth multiple times. Storyboard software makes it easy to make revisions without having to send them around again.

Greater Efficiency

Digital proofing is much more efficient because it immediately shows you the changes you need to make. You can then make the changes instantly, saving a lot of time and money. This is especially useful when working on complex projects that require many revisions. With online proofing software, you’ll be able to view updates much faster by viewing them instantly.

Promotes Accountability And Saves Money

Since everything is always visible to the client, your project is more accountable. This means you can hold each other responsible for the work, so no marks are left unfinished. Not only this, but online proofing software also helps you save money by avoiding the costs of constantly sending emails and files back and forth. It also saves time by reducing administrative work and organizing feedback.

Proof From Anywhere On Any Device

When your project is stored in your proofing software, you can access it anywhere with an internet connection. This gives you a ton of flexibility when working on your project because it can be accessed anywhere at any time. This is perfect for artists who have to travel a lot or who simply like the freedom of being able to work from wherever they want. As long as they’re connected to the internet, they are able to proof their project and make changes whenever necessary.

Improved Overall Quality And Quick Delivery

Online proofing software helps to make the entire process more efficient and improves the overall quality of your project. A final version of your storyboard is available for download anytime so that you can provide clients with quick delivery. This is particularly useful for companies under pressure to get their work done as fast as possible. It’s also useful for companies that need to show their clients what they have done regularly to prove progress.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of online proofing software is that it saves you both time and money by providing a fully-functioning version of your project. It also allows the client to do whatever they want with their storyboard. With such a useful tool, there’s no reason why your storyboard should not look great and be completely error-free.

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