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Benefits Of Installing Digital Signage In An Office Building

If you are unaccustomed to a workspace or an office, it may seem like a maze. When you are going to a workspace for the first time, finding the right person or the correct department can be challenging. 

Well, you can bother people along the way and inquire regarding the whereabouts of a department or someone’s office. But, the best way is to use proper building office signage so that people can find their way when they come into the office. 

While traditional signage is functional and does the job, the modern workplace is quite dynamic. So, if a department is on the second floor now, there is no guarantee that it will be there the following week; it might shift to another floor. Besides, the concept of hot-desking and open working spaces has made it a challenge to record where the people are in an office building. 

Using digital signage is ideal in such situations as you can change the information conveniently. If a department has shifted to another floor, you can simply implement the change in digital signage. You do not need to call a handyperson to drill the new signage to the wall. 

Companies like Alive Promo provide best-in-class plug-and-play digital signage solutions. Moreover, digital directory signs and software by this company enable the users to change the display as per their requirements easily. Their digital signage boards come with an option of changing the display through a USB or through a web-based content management system. 

If you are still skeptical about digital signage, here are some benefits of installing one. 

  • Easy navigation

A wayfinding solution makes navigation easier for visitors as they will be able to figure out where to go themselves instead of asking around. When you place such signage strategically at every junction or lobby, it will further ease finding a department or an office. 

  • Dynamic content formats

When you opt for traditional signage, you are stuck with the same format and design for a long time, as changing the print signage is a lengthy and costly affair. 

Moreover, traditional signage displays only one type of content, whereas digital signage can provide information as well as display other things. 

You can run a company carousel on the digital signage, social media photos of the company, event listings, animations, and other media. This makes your digital signage more engaging. 

  • Schedule content

There might be a situation that would require you to display specific information at a time. For instance, if the signage is kept in the cafeteria of the office, then you can schedule it to show the breakfast menu, followed by the lunch money. You do not have to change the slates or the sheets of paper manually; you can do it through the software provided with the digital signage. 

  • You can maintain visual consistency.

If you are a property owner with multiple buildings in various locations, using digital signage as a building directory is incredibly beneficial. Because if a new tenant comes in, you can update the information through web-based software. 

Moreover, having the same digital signage in your building and office locations will help you maintain visual consistency. 

  • It makes it easy for the visitors.

Signage is a form of wayfinding solution, and if you keep it in a common area, visitors will be able to find their way around the office building without seeking help from others. This will make their visit a breeze and will not cause any kind of frustration to the visitors as finding where to go will be very easy for them. 

  • It saves the staff time.

When you go to an office, the staff at the reception is often busy giving people directions on where to go. But, if you implement digital wayfinding signage in the office, it will save the employees time giving people directions. Visitors will be able to see the digital directory to find their way, and the receptionist will be able to focus on their work. 

  • Faster updates

If a particular hallway is blocked for maintenance or an event is being hosted in one wing of the house, you can add such updates to digital wayfinding signage. You do not have to print a layout or notice to inform the same; making the necessary changes in the digital signage software will do the job. 

When you choose a digital directory from Alive Promo, you reap the benefits of a web-based platform to make changes to the signage. Digital directory signs and software by this company make it easier for you to update the signage. 

  • Wider reach

Digital signages are arguably more attractive than traditional signage, making them appeal to a larger audience. While someone might fail to notice a conventional signboard, no one will miss digital signage on their way. 

Consider choosing a company that provides the software with a digital directory. Having access to the software will enable you to make the changes easily and within no time.


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