Benefits of green homes

Benefits of green homes

The recent climate change event in Glasgow clearly outlined the immense importance of reducing the harmful greenhouse gases which cause irreparable climate change. Surely, innovative solutions need to be speedily implemented to encourage the building of green homes. One must surely invest in clear potential methods & solutions to surely attain sustainable and pure green home construction. Clearly, smart and innovative sustainable building solutions that keep up with meeting high standards of achieving environment sustainability along with profitability are required in today’s construction. The construction norms should certainly undergo a strict assessment due diligence process in order to completely maintain the green quotient.

The construction activities almost certainly emit potentially harmful extreme atmospheric emissions. Hence the creating of building structures and following methods that are perfectly in sync with nature along with being environmentally responsible and scarce resource-efficient is a potential solution. The entire complete project cycle of building, commencing from layout, the full construction, complete structure, process, regular maintenance, reconstruction, and also the deconstruction, must be in total sync with all the green techniques. While the concept of the green environment friendly home is nothing new, its critical importance is certainly lost midway as almost everyone is in a race to build better and better buildings. Property construction is most majorly responsible for the sad climate change, with almost 36% of the world’s total energy waste and a whopping 27% of dangerous carbon footprint. So, most surely green building is a clear solution for successfully overcoming the challenge and act to reverse climate change. lodha bellevue 2bhk is designed by India’s master architect,

Principles fundamentally associated with green homes construction:

  • Reduction of resources and supply use
  • Increase in the resource recycling.
  • Use of renewable or clearly recycle resources and also materials.
  • Protect nature in every way possible
  • Create a robustly healthy and completely non-toxic ecosystem
  • Adopt proven green home building practices

Sustainable building technologies for green homes construction involve:

  • Using only eco-friendly building materials
  • Deploying geothermal power and solar energy for heating, ventilation, and AC
  • Installing green insulation, also LED & lighting
  • Complete home automation using robotics
  • Construction in full accordance with social, ethical, and also ecological elements
  • Building compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system
  • Follow practices outlined by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)
  • Constructing low energy homes with almost net-zero building designs
  • Utilising competent and proven water conservation technologies
  • Electro-chromic Smart Glass usage is recommended
  • Site management principles for improved environment protection
  • Constructing self-powered and energy sufficient buildings
  • Monitored implementation of globally approved Environmental Management Systems

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Green home benefits:

There is absolutely no doubt that green & sustainable buildings significantly contribute to a clean climate environment.

Protection of environment

The construction of residential and commercial buildings clearly has bot a direct and indirect impact on the sustainability of the environment. Therefore, environmental protection is surely the main benefit that closely aligns only by incorporating renewable sources and energies, bio-sources, materials which are recyclable and also the preservation and maximum conservation design methods.

Economic benefits

A recent WGBC report clearly states that sustainable buildings are proven to giving significant outputs, which are close to 25 to 35% of energy savings and also clearly generating up to 40% water savings.

Social and Community well-being

Green homes have been proven to enrich the quality of life and the immediate surroundings, suitably protect the infrastructure, along with providing a healthy and comfortable living experience.

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