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Benefits of Glass Bottles You Must Know

Glass Bottles

Glass is a material with extraordinary properties, widely used for tables, windows, doors and even bottles. Glass bottles are becoming increasingly popular as containers for water and other beverages. You can also check glass bottle manufacturer china for different custom glass and bottles.

The merit of this diffusion must be given to the numerous qualities and advantages that the “rival” material brings from a qualitative and environmental point of view, compared to plastic bottles.

Let’s find out more about this material and why it will be fundamental for the future.

 Glass bottles, when were they born?

The use of glass as a material for bottles is not recent, but has a very ancient origin.

In the past, glass was mainly used as a container for objects in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

The effective use of glass bottles on a large scale was born around 1800 in France, thanks to the diffusion of quality wine and champagne.

The abbot Dom Perignon , who later gave his name to the famous champagne, decided to use glass to produce bottles, as the previous containers could not withstand the refermentation process.

Glass bottles are currently very widespread and are produced with great diligence and technique, controlling parameters such as:

  • Format,
  • weight,
  • Color,
  • material integrity.

A valid alternative to reduce plastic pollution

Climate change is unfortunately a very serious problem, still little treated in general:

  • Average temperatures are getting higher and higher,
  • Glaciers melt very quickly,
  • the rise in the level of the oceans.

If this doesn’t lead to big problems right now, it could lead to catastrophic causes in the future.

We must therefore try to reduce pollution and emissions, and one way to do this is to drastically reduce the use of plastic.

The latter pollutes the air, land and seas, due to the continuous dispersion and accumulation of plastic waste.

Plastic recycling, albeit efficient, leads to a large consumption of energy and consequently CO2 emissions increase.

The massive use of glass, to the detriment of plastic, brings advantages in terms of quality, as we will see in the next paragraph.

Glass bottles make food healthier

Many plastic bottles are made of particular materials, possibly harmful to food.

Plastic materials can cause substances to migrate onto food or drinks, especially if heated to high temperatures.

Numerous experts have specified that even if we don’t realize it, toxic substances are present and can cause problems for the body in the long run.

You need to choose plastics without these materials or switch to glass bottles.

This type of container does not present any problems, on the contrary it helps the foods to maintain their integrity and all their nutrients, as well as maintaining their unique aromas.

In regards to this topic, glass is absolutely better and more effective than plastic.

The advantages of glass

We can now list all the many advantages that glass has, as opposed to plastic ones:

  • No environmental impact problems. A glass bottle is continuously sanitized and can be used 50 times before being recycled to produce more glass. Recycling, unlike that of plastic, is completely ecological, with no negative environmental impact.
  • Excellent for food, without any contamination, indeed helping to preserve food.
  • Thanks to efficient recycling, it is possible to minimize the use of raw materials of an extractive nature, including quarried minerals.
  • It is possible to create various types of bottles, of different colors, particular shapes, even with customizations.

Not just water

Glass bottles are particularly useful for wines, to carry out the various processes at maximum productivity.

This is also due to the typical concave bottom.

It allows you to concentrate the wine sediments, preventing them from coming back to the surface.

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