Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery

The biggest advantage of the mədə kiçiltmə operation compared to other bariatric operations is that no anatomical changes are made in the digestive system during the operation. Unlike adjustable gastric banding and gastric bypass, gastric bypass surgery is a permanent procedure and is irreversible. After a while, patients can comfortably eat a variety of foods, including meat and fibrous vegetables.

Removing part of the stomach lowers the level of a hormone called ghrelin, the so-called “hunger hormone.” Thus, many men feel less hungry after gastric bypass surgery. Ghrelin also plays a role in blood sugar metabolism, which is why people with type II diabetes may feel that their need for diabetes medications decreases after gastric bypass surgery.

When the stomach is reshaped during gastric bypass surgery, the hunger hormone secreted by the stomach also decreases. Due to this, the patient’s hunger and desire to eat decreases, and the brain is less hungry, therefore gastric tube surgery creates not only a mechanical effect but also a hormonal effect.

Gastric reduction surgery provides faster and more effective weight loss compared to gastric bypass surgery. Patients can expect to lose 75% or more of their excess weight within a year. The operation does not direct the digestive process. Hormonal changes after the procedure help patients feel fuller, eat less, and improve or resolve diabetes.

Nutrition after Gastric Tube Resection Surgery

Nutrition is extremely important after gastric bypass surgery. The following are the rules that patients who will undergo gastric bypass surgery should follow:

It is forbidden to drink carbonated and carbonated drinks after gastric bypass surgery.

Liquid foods should be preferred for 2 weeks after gastric bypass surgery.

Liquid and solid foods should not be taken at the same time during the stomach-slimming diet.

When a weight loss diet is insufficient, additional nutrients such as certain minerals, proteins and vitamins may be needed.

After surgery, vitamin B-12 may need to be taken as a sublingual pill, spray, or injection.

Is there a scar left after gastric bypass surgery?

Stomach reduction surgery is performed as a closed laparoscopic procedure. This means that the bariatrik cerrah performs the operation through several small incisions. After the process is completed, these entries are closed. No scars remain after gastric bypass surgery.

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